Who Are the Sexiest Celeb Men in Their 50s?

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"Skins" We Hardly Knew You: TTYL!

You may have no trouble finding a sexy male celebrity in his 40s to star in your daydreams. Countless celebrity names come to mind: Brad Pitt, Vin Diesel, Esai Morales, Jr., Matthew McConaughey, Patrick Dempsey, Viggo Mortensen, Tyson Beckford, Dermot Mulroney, Rick Fox....(the list could go on and on). But who are the sexiest male celebrities in their 50s? The ones that rely not only on their physiques and charm, like their counterparts in their 40s, but also on the ultimate aphrodisiac they have perfected in their 50 plus years on earth: confidence.

Who Are the Sexiest Celeb Men Over the Age of 50?

You may agree or not, but these are five of the sexiest male celebrities in their 50s, in no particular order.. Who's on your list?

Pierce Brosnan

Birthday: May 16, 1953 (age 57)

There's no denying the sex appeal and ageless sex appeal of Pierce Brosnan. While the Irish actor is best known for revamping the role of Bond, he's nothing short of a renaissance man. Brosnan is a movie star, Broadway actor, painter, husband, father, and activist.

Pierece Brosnan has also been involved in many charitable efforts, including whale conservation . Any man who considers himself an activist has passion, and what could be sexier than that? Brosnan will be hitting the silver screen in both, "St. Vincent" and "Salvation Boulevard," next year.

Chow Yun Fat

Birthday: May 18, 1955 (age 55)

He may not be the most obvious choice for some of you, but think about it. Let images from "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" and "The Killer" linger for a while. Clothes hug his body the same way they hugged Cary Grant's. Confidence, coolness and charm are his forte. For the softer side of Chow Yun Fat, watch him with Jodie Foster in "Anna and the King." Chow Yun Fat can be seen in the new movie "Let the Bullets Fly." This sexy male celebrity in his 50s is married to Jasmine Chan.

Denzel Washington

Birthday: December 28, 1954 (age 55)

When he waltzes out on the big screen or on the red carpet, it's hard to believe this handsome actor is in his 50s. He's captivating, muscular, athletic, and confident without an ounce of cocky. With two Oscars, 50 awards and 48 nominations, this man has mastered his craft . Memorable roles are too numerous to name, although "Glory" won him an Oscar and set him on the path to unstoppable stardom. He can be seen in "Unstoppable" and is currently working on "Safe House" due out in 2012 .

Denzel Washington is not only talented and bankable, he's been married to his wife since 1983. They even renewed their vows in 1995 . Washington is sexy and romantic; you can't beat that!

Kevin Costner

Birthday: January 18, 1955 (age 55)

If you can forget his terrible accent in "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves," and replace that memory with the image of his naked behind in "Dances With Wolves," you'll remember why Kevin Costner deserves to be on the list of sexiest male celebrities in their 50s. We'll also forgive him for "Waterworld" because he painted Susan Sarandon's toenails in "Bull Durham." Sexy guys can make up for their mistakes easily.

Costner is rugged like your favorite leather coat and he's seductive like that last piece of flourless chocolate cake. He's not everyone's mug of beer, but the man has aged well. There won't be any embarrassing photos of him with a big walrus belly (see Jack Nicholson) hitting the Internet anytime soon. He has seven kids from previous relationships, but has one more on the way with wife Christine Baumgartner.

Bruce Willis

Birthday: March 19, 1955 (55)

Oh, Demi, what were you thinking? Ashton may be prettier, but he's not as sexy as rugged, action-packed, Bruce Willis. Bruce Willis has comedic timing that goes beyond the random Twitter posting of his wife in her white underwear, and that's sexy. What girl doesn't want to enjoy the good humor of her sexy man, without being the brunt of the joke? He's the man you would moonlight with, the hero, the actor willing to take a risk ("Twelve Monkeys") and the romantic (see "The Fifth Element.") The only unsexy thing he's done? Bruce Willis pulled out of "Ocean's 11," making way for George Clooney.

Willis crashed into our hearts (beds?) with "Die Hard" and has been busy at work, since. You can see him in "Catch 44" (2010), "The Cold Day of Light" (2011) and "Ten" (2011).

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