Selena Gomez Talks 'Fifty Shades of Grey' - What Else Has She Been Talking About Lately?

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When Selena Gomez famously starred in a spoof of "Fifty Shades Of Grey," everyone thought she was a certainty to land the part of Anastasia Steele when the movie is made. However, in a recent interview, she shot down the idea, stating that the role might be better suited to someone older. Justin Bieber's girl has been talking a lot lately. Here are a few other things she has mentioned recently.

Taylor Swift collaboration

Selena has been a busy girl over the last twelve months, with most of her focus on making movies. However, now she is ready to dive back into music, and plans are going ahead for a new album towards the end of 2012. The most exciting thing is that she has plans to collaborate with the super talented Taylor Swift. These two girls are both hot properties at the moment, so any work they do together can only be well-received.

Justin love

Even though Selena and Justin are photographed together on a regular basis, they don't open up about their relationship too much. In an interview with Elle, the former Disney star confessed that her man is a "hopeless romantic." One of his most publicized gestures of love happened in late 2011, when Bieber rented out the Staples Center in Los Angeles, just so they two of them could watch a movie together in private. Most recently, he also gave a shoutout to her in his upcoming single, "Beauty and the Beast."

Her mother's inspirational words

It's no secret that the 20-year-old star is close to her mom, and she made it even more known when she revealed the wise words her mother gave her. Gomez's mother told her that if she isn't having fun doing what she's doing, then she shouldn't do it anymore. Wise words indeed, but with a successful film, television and music career, plus a hotly desired boyfriend, how could she not be having fun?

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