Selena Gomez and LeAnn Rimes Grab Guns -- Plus Did Justin Bieber Break Up with Selena?

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LeAnn Rimes and Selena Gomez have found an interesting way to blow off some steam - by hitting the shooting range. The gals might have grabbed guns because of some recent tabloid stories and rumors, using them as a way to show certain people that you don't mess with Texas girls.

Brandi Glanville recently raised eyebrows by admitting that she wanted to kill LeAnn the first time she saw the country singer attending her son's soccer practice. LeAnn has been working hard to get close to Brandi's two sons with Eddie Cibrian and was flaunting her "bonus mom" status by sitting with one of Brandi's sons in her lap. The "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star said that seeing her son with LeAnn made her blood boil and that she was afraid that she might physically harm her.

LeAnn was allegedly so "haunted" by Brandi saying that she wanted to kill her that she considered getting a restraining order against her. But perhaps she's found a different way to protect herself from Brandi - by showing her that she just might be packing heat the next time their paths cross.

LeAnn recently tweeted some photos of herself at a shooting range along with the message, "I used to go shopping on a day off, now I go shooting!" Eddie better not let his eyes wander again - LeAnn seems to have lots of days off, so she's probably becoming a pretty good shot.

So was LeAnn's gun-toting a thinly-veiled threat aimed at Brandi? Who knows? It's getting LeAnn attention and that's all that matters.

Selena's photo from the shooting range is a little more interesting because of a rumor that recently started spreading around the web. She's currently filming her movie "The Getaway" in Bulgaria, far away from boyfriend Justin Bieber, and on Wednesday she tweeted a picture of herself engaging in a little target practice along with the message, "Released some stress today." So was the stress simply from work and being in a foreign country far away from her friends and family, or is something else bothering Selena?

On Friday the Biebs tweeted a rather cryptic message reading, "thank you for the time i had with you but i have to move on now..." He quickly deleted the tweet, but the fans that saw it are wondering if it was aimed at Selena. Perhaps Selena and Justin had gotten into a fight, which is why she was blowing off some steam at the shooting range. Then maybe her shooting range tweet scared Justin, who promptly tried to dump her with his tweet.

So what do you think - did Justin and Selena break up on Twitter, or is that thought just too unBeliebable, even for hopeful Beliebers?

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