Selena Gomez Falls During Performance - Who Else Has Taken an On-Stage Tumble Lately?

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Selena Gomez Falls During Performance - Who Else Has Taken an On-Stage Tumble Lately?

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(Selena Gomez)

During a performance in Virginia, Selena Gomez took a bit of a tumble on stage. While performing her hit, "Slow Down," Selena jumped and missed the edge of the stage step, and ended up falling into the platform below.

With the help of fans, the brunette beauty managed to recover quickly, and continued her performance like a pro.

Selena is not the only performer to have taken a spill on stage. Who else has taken an on-stage tumble lately?

Louis Tomlinson

Last month, at a show in Adelaide, Australia, Louis fell within seconds of taking the stage.

The One Direction member has taken quite a few spills lately, both on and off stage. Last month, during a charity soccer match in Glasgow, Scotland, Louis ended up sidelined after being tackled by Aston Villa player Gabriel Agbonlahor. Just after the incident, Louis ended up throwing up.

Scotty McCreery

Last month, at the Clay County Fair in Spencer, Iowa, the country singer took quite a spill while he was performing. While struggling to get back up, he ended up slipping again and having to perform on his knees while he attempted to find his footing.

Scotty was a good sport about the incident. As he tweeted, "I had the most epic fall ever tonight on stage! I fell… n then I couldnt get back up. It was like I was on ice… loll. Please sum1 have a vid"

Luckily, someone did have the video. As one Twitter user joked, "Come see @ScottyMcCreery on ICE! Coming to a city near you!"

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler

During the 2013 Emmy Awards, the comediennes both tripped on the steps as they made their way on stage to present an award. This was not the only mishap for Tina that night. She also suffered a nip slip, and one Emmy viewer managed to capture the moment with screen caps.


Last month, during a performance in Sao Paolo, Brazil, for her Mrs. Carter World Tour, Beyonce took a fall when a young fan invaded the stage and tried to hug her, causing her to lose her balance.

The "Irreplaceable" singer handled the situation like a pro. At the end of the performance, she reassured the public that "it's all right." She also asked the fan his name, and told him, "it's a pleasure to meet you, I love you too."

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