Selena Gomez’ Ad for Her New Perfume is Really Racy: A Look Back at Her Sexiest Moments

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Selena Gomez is obviously trying to look sexy in her new perfume ad, which features the former Disney star soaking wet in a tank of water. So is the look too racy for Selena?

In the ad she has a seductive look on her face and shows off a lot of leg as the skirt of her strapless dress floats up around her. Maybe Selena got the idea to get drenched from her beau Justin Bieber - he also recently tried to get sexy in his "Boyfriend" music video by getting wet. However, he'll be happy to notice that Selena isn't kissing a Bieber lookalike in her perfume ad and doesn't have a lot of guys' hands grabbing at her. Or maybe Selena was inspired by Britney Spears' look in her perfume ad for Fantasy - Britney's goddess inhabited the woods, while Selena's lives in water.

Whatever the inspiration for it, Selena's ad seems to be raising eyebrows. However, this isn't the first time that she's been spotted sporting a sexy look.

Selena's definitely trying to change her image by becoming a restaurant-robbing party girl in the upcoming movie "Spring Breakers," but it's not just her character's bad behavior that's getting attention - the starlet basically lives in skimpy bikinis during the entire movie.

Selena also showed off her bad girl side in a promo for the MTV European Music Awards in October of last year. In the video Selena debuted a rapping alter ego who could certainly hold her own against the Biebs' Shawty Mane. She wore a lacy bra and very heavy makeup to create a hip hop look that surely surprised plenty of her fans.

Selena opted to wear a revealing outfit to the EMAs -- a shiny leather bustier with a very low neckline. A month later at the American Music Awards she went with a plunging neckline again, but her golden gown was way more sophisticated and grownup.

Selena also loves to sex it up onstage at her concerts - she's a big fan of skimpy and sparkly showgirl-style outfits. Here she can be seen wearing one with a rhinestone-covered bustier and a bright blue skirt during a performance in August of last year. Just a month earlier she wore a similar costume that featured a gold corset top with a flowy train.

So what do you think of Selena's new sexy image? Is she just too cute to pull it off, or is she on her way to becoming the next J-Lo, Beyonce, or Britney?

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