Was Sean Lowe the Best 'Bachelor' Ever?

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Was Sean Lowe the Best 'Bachelor' Ever?

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(Chris Harrison)

After a few disappointing seasons, we were wondering if Sean Lowe would be able to revive this "Bachelor" franchise. After Emily Maynard's season, I also had to wonder if Sean had enough charisma to hold his own as a lead character.

Thankfully, Sean delivered the goods and gave us viewers an entertaining and rewarding season. Here's a look at a few reasons why Sean may have been the best "Bachelor" ever.


It's obvious--women loved the appealing combination of wholesome All-American looks and rock hard abs. It no wonder we enjoyed seeing him shirtless every week. Chris Harrison was probably the only viewer who got "tired of seeing him naked every week"!

Willingness to Date Outside His Background

After the infamous racial discrimination lawsuit, I had to wonder if the network was overcompensating in its sudden new-found diversity agenda.

However, we soon realized that Sean was genuine in his openness to date outside his background. He never treated girls like Robyn, Selma, and Catherine as token minorities. He was sincere in giving everyone a chance.

Sean Treated Sarah With Dignity

On the first date, Sarah recounted an experience where she was prohibited from zip-lining because of her disability. When she talked about wanting to be treated like everyone else, Sean followed through.

Not only did he give her an equal shot at love, but he never questioned her ability to perform extreme tasks like free-falling from a building, paddling a canoe, participating in a roller derby, or polar-bear plunging. He actually treated her like he treated the other women--with respect and dignity.

Respectful Breakups

Who knows if those mock breakups with Arie Luyendyk Jr. actually came in handy? Sean was one of the most respectful dumpers we've seen in awhile.

He could have taken the easy way out by relying on scripted franchise cliches. Instead, he always tried to put himself in the eliminated contestant's shoes, and to speak truthfully.

I liked the way he handled his "After the Final Rose" conversation with Lindsay. Instead of preparing a speech, he really seemed to be speaking from the heart.

Sense of Humor

This guy was lots of fun too! He rode elephants, fed monkeys, and caught fish with his bare hands, all with a smile.

He was also a good sport, both on the giving and the receiving end of pranks (as seen in his relationship with Desiree). He was surprisingly good-humored about Des' fake boyfriend prank.

Of course, he wasn't so easy-going when Thug Brother "hollered" at him, but who could blame Sean?

Didn't Pick "That One"

After watching Jake Pavelka and Ben Flajnik choose troublemakers like Vienna Girardi and Courtney Robertson, we were wondering if Sean would ever see the light about Tierra's true colors.

Granted it took an all-out intervention on the part of his sister, as well as Tierra falling on her own knife, but we were thrilled when Sean finally wised up and sent "that one" home. Sometimes, nice girls really do finish first!

How did this season of "Bachelor" compare with previous seasons? Will Sean and Catherine make it as a couple in the real world? Was Sean the best "Bachelor" ever?

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