Saving Sex: Has Lady Gaga Gone Jonas?

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Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga was on Howard Stern's Sirius XM radio show recently extolling the virtues of abstinence. The pop icon whose hypersexual videos and scantily clad appearances have come to define her said, "You should wait as long as you can to have sex, because as a woman, you don't even begin to enjoy it until your mid-twenties. When you're 17, you don't even know how to operate what's going on down there and you shouldn't try." Although she makes a valid point, has Gaga gone Jonas or is she just now realizing the wisdom of Janet Jackson's "Let's Wait Awhile"?

Telling teens to wait until they know what they want is one thing but some celebrities use virginity as a badge of honor, which can backfire. Besides, what's their message? That sexuality equals one's worth and that the distinction between virginity and sexual discovery is a publicly traded commodity to be flaunted as a badge of honor or shame?

Yes Means No

We all remember Britney Spears' famed promotion of her chastity. Of course, those declarations were dispelled when Justin Timberlake let it slip the pop princess had lost it long before.

Former Disney darling Hilary Duff was dating rocker Joel Madden in 2006 when she told Elle magazine, "[virginity] is definitely something I like about myself." Then in 2008 she switched her story and denied her claims of virginity. Perhaps, Madden and Timberlake can compare notes on their former purity obsessed girlfriends.

The Irony of it All

Singer and reality star Jessica Simpson was given a promise ring at age 12 by her manager-Dad so he could ensure she had a white wedding when she married Nick Lachey at 22. Good thing she got her marriage out of the way so John Mayer could proclaim Simpson's "sexual napalm" status.

"American Idol" alum Jordin Sparks is also on the no sex bandwagon. She previously announced, "My parents gave me a purity ring and talked to me about waiting until I'm married for sex." Then at the 2008 VMAs she took issue with host Russell Brand's joke about the Jonas brothers' purity rings and not so eloquently declared "not everybody--guy or girl--wants to be a slut."

Interestingly, Miley Cyrus has similar convictions on celibacy. Obviously her virginity pledge makes concessions for pole dancing, revealing clothes, a string of older boyfriends and smoking unknown substances referred to as salvia. It might be wise to take a cue from Taylor Swift's very wise don't ask, don't tell policy regarding her sex life.

That Special Someone

It's no surprise Mormon raised ballroom dancer turned actress, Julianne Hough, told CosmoGirl in 2008 she wants to wait to be with that "special person." Hopefully her beau and man of many hosting gigs, Ryan Seacrest, can keep from dishing the gossip on whether he is the special person in question.

Adriana Lima lives in lingerie as a Victoria's Secret model but this Brazilian babe vowed she didn't let anything get between her and her angel wings before getting hitched in 2009 and then becoming a mom in 2010. In 2006, Lima told GQ magazine "sex is just for after marriage." No doubt she prepared for the big moment by perfecting her seductive poses during her steamy photo shoots.

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