'Saturday Night Live' Says Bye to Kristen Wiig: Three Characters We Will Miss the Most

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After much speculation, Kristen Wiig officially bid farewell to "Saturday Night Live" during the season finale on May 19. Joined by fellow "SNL" stars both past and present, the supremely talented performer was given a proper swan song near the end of the episode. In fitting fashion, her last sketch spoofed a high school graduation ceremony in which host Mick Jagger announced that she was leaving. Though there was no official announcement ahead of time, talk of Wiig leaving the show has picked up in recent months. With a movie career that is just hitting its stride, no one should be surprised that she is bolting the sketch comedy show after seven years. Of course, any fan of the show knows that it will never be quite the same without the talents of this star. Here are a few of her best characters from her stellar run on the show.

The Target Lady

If you have ever seen Wiig play this goofy checkout clerk, you probably can't help but laugh every time you visit the popular chain store. Every segment featured a bunch of customers buying random things that always seemed to excite her character. The actress found a wonderful way to make fun of the idle conversations that customers and store employees engage in, and that is a big credit to her over-the-top personality.

Nancy Pelosi

"SNL" has a long history of performers impersonating politicians. It was a part of the show long before Wiig arrived, but her impersonation of the former House Speaker easily ranks among the best ever. She had the look, voice, and demeanor down pat as she made fun of Pelosi without ever making it feel mean. She went on to brilliantly mock Michelle Bachman, but her Pelosi material was always special.

Judy Grimes

Though this was never her most popular character, Judy Grimes always did a great job of showcasing just how talented she really was. Judy Grimes was a nervous travel writer that showed up on the occasional Weekend Update segment. While playing the character, Wiig spoke so fast that you could never figure out what she was trying to say. Not only was this a funny character but it was probably one that made a lot of people feel better about their public speaking ability. This character is a shining example of how Wiig can make any segment better simply by being there.

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