Sarah Palin Gives Moore a Thumbs Down' on 'Game Change' Performance -- Was it Fair Criticism?

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Sarah Palin Gives Moore a Thumbs Down' on 'Game Change' Performance -- Was it Fair Criticism?

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Sarah Palin is not a fan of Julianne Moore in "Game Change," though she has not seen it yet.

Sarah Palin, the former Alaskan Governor who was once a vice-presidential candidate in 2008 was a guest host on NBC's morning talk show, "Today." Leading up to this morning, all the hype had been on the "showdown" between Palin on NBC and former "Today" host Katie Couric making an appearance on "Good Morning America" over on ABC. The fires of controversy were lit back in 2008 when Couric interviewed Palin and it was widely accepted as a big failure on Palin's part.

It was when a panel discussion on the NBC morning news and talk show opened about actor Ashton Kutcher playing the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs that Palin got to get in a dig at someone other than Couric though. Palin first asked the panel, "Do any of you have experience of people being paid a lot of money to pretend they're you?" Then when she was asked about veteran actress Julianne Moore's portrayal of her in "Game Change," she gave the camera a visible "thumbs-down" gesture, indicating her displeasure for Moore's performance, apparently.

But wait, as it turns out, Palin isn't basing her critique on actually viewing the HBO film in question. "I didn't see 'Game Change' because I don't waste my time on lies," the politician and reality TV star said. It's possible of course that Palin's biggest beef is with Mark Halperin, the man who wrote the book that the movie was based on, or perhaps Danny Strong who wrote the screenplay. However, it seems odd that Palin would go after Moore, for just doing her job as an actress, playing the part she was given.

Indeed, what makes Palin's criticisms of Moore even more shocking is that she actually praised Tina Fey's skewering of her on "Saturday Night Live" back in 2008. Fey gave her own career a massive boost when she came out with a dead-on Palin impression that mocked just about everything about the former Governor, from her accent to her comments on the issues of the day. It's odd that Palin would have no problem with Fey essentially making fun of her for about a year straight, but would take such offense at Moore's performance, which actually made an attempt to humanize Palin, and to show all sides of her personality.

We wish Sarah had seen "Game Change" because if she had, she might have some real insight into the conversation, and could have spoken to specific nuances that she felt Moore did or didn't pick up on. It's not very often that there's an opportunity for a real-life person to comment on someone else playing them in a movie, and Palin most certainly could have had some interesting observations. Maybe someone should sneak her a copy of the film so the next time she's asked about it, she can have some informed opinions on Moore's performance, and not just the content of the film.

Do you think it's fair of Palin to critique a film and a performance she hasn't seen? Drop us a comment and let us know!

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