Sam Comes Out as a 'Fanilow' on 'Glee's' Episode 'Guilty Pleasures'

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Sam Comes Out as a 'Fanilow' on 'Glee's' Episode 'Guilty Pleasures'

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(Lea Michele)

This week, Sam (Chord Overstreet) came out on "Glee's" episode, "Guilty Pleasures," but not in the way that "Slaine" fans were hoping.

Last night's episode of "Glee" was cute, fluffy, and relatively light-hearted compared to the previous angst-filled weeks of relationship drama and heated feuds. Despite a relatively uneven season 4, this show still continues to be a "guilty pleasure."

Sam Comes Out as a "Fanilow"

Blaine (Darren Criss) caught Sam stealing pasta from the school cafeteria. Suspecting that Sam's family was in financial trouble again, Blaine confronted him. However, it turned out that Sam was secretly creating macaroni art, featuring portraits of LeAnn Rimes, Kurt (Chris Colfer) and the guys from "Duck Dynasty."

Sam's macaroni art inspired "Blam" to focus this week's glee club assignment on "guilty pleasures." New Directions members were asked to expose their deepest darkest secrets by singing about their guilty pleasures.

In costume, performing "Copacabana," Sam came a Barry Manilow fan. Sorry, Blaine. It looks like Fanfiction is the only place where you'll ever be together!

Blaine's Working "Against All Odds"

Speaking of Blaine, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the writers didn't completely drop the story line about his crush on Sam.

Sam was pretty respectful about Blaine's predicament, assuring him that their friendship wouldn't suffer, and offering to hug it out. Thankfully, it really was a roll of Lifesavers in Blaine's pocket!

I have a feeling that this story line isn't over yet. From Blaine's reaction, we could see his disappointment that Sam wasn't able to reciprocate his feelings. Will we be seeing another "vapo-rape" scene in the future?

It was refreshing to see the irritatingly perfect Blaine experience a bit of disappointment, just to remind the viewers that he's actually human. Some of his most powerful musical numbers, like "Against All Odds" and "Teenage Dream" redux have come from a place of heartache.

Still, while the New Directions members wore somber tearful expressions during his performance, I couldn't help laughing. There's something comical about the way Darren's face contorts every time he tries to emote.

Has Kitty Been Declawed?

Mean Kitty (Becca Tobin) has inexplicably turned over a new leaf in recent weeks. She's actually trying to be a better person, though she reminds us that "even Jesus took baby steps."

Brittany (Heather Morris) tried to rehabilitate Kitty's image by inviting her to Fondue for Two. During the segment, we learned that Lord Tubbington's guilty pleasure was Scientology, while the two blonde cheerleaders loved the "Bring It On" movies.

Later, Kitty revealed her secret guilty pleasure to be the Spice Girls, inspiring the ladies to give an exuberant performance of "Wannabe."

Are we seeing a potential story line between Artie (Kevin McHale) and Kitty? After the performance, he commented, "I've never seen you so...happy." I really hope he doesn't wannabe her lover. Hey Artie, I hear that "Small Wonder" robot girl Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz) is single. You might wanna revisit that.

As for Kitty, I'm hoping that she'll turn out to be Ryder's (Blake Jenner) internet mystery girl.

Jake Is a 'Brown'-Noser

Jake (Jacob Artist) took a few hits from the ladies this week when he confessed to loving the music of Chris Brown. While he didn't condone Chris' personal behavior, he argued the importance of separating the artist from the music.

When he failed to convince Marley (Melissa Benoist), he made a peace offering by performing a song by another Brown...Bobby Brown. Oops!

I thought that Marley overreacted a bit. After all, it was a guilty pleasures week. Still, it at least took some of the heat off last week's villain, Ryder. I was getting tired of the way they raked him over the coals last week.

Bye Bye Brody

Mamma Mia! So Santana (Naya Rivera) is a snooping sociopath, and Finn (Cory Monteith) is a possessive stalker. Who cares? I'm just relieved that the "Creep" Brody (Dean Geyer) story line is finally over!

Now Rachel (Lea Michele), Kurt, and Santana can finally relax and fall asleep with their boyfriend/girlfriend arms.

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