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Giuliana Rancic had celebs doing all kinds of crazy antics.

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Giuliana Rancic had celebs doing all kinds of crazy antics.

It was a night of winners and losers - sweet gratitude and bitter disappointment. But mostly the 18th annual Screen Actor's Guild Awards was a time for life's cut ups and class clowns to get together and celebrate their achievements in entertainment.

Circus Circus - The festivities got underway before the guests were even seated. During the E! pre show red carpet coverage, Giuliana Rancic challenged Jane Lynch to a juggle off!

Will Work for Beer - the show started off with a series of vignettes featuring actors recounting stories of their early days in the business. The funniest had to be Jim Parsons ("The Big Bang Theory) who confessed that he had once been paid in beer.

Can I Get Some Help Here? - When Octavia Spencer accepted the award for best supporting female actor for "The Help," she was surprised by it's heft. "I need to work out a little more," she complained, "My God it's heavy!" She later made a face and a slight groan while trying to lift it in dedication to the everyday folks who inspired the movie.

Cheers! - Melissa McCarthy, Maya Rudolph and Rose Byrne of "Bridesmaids," hit the stage with a plan to get the party started in earnest. Equipped with three bottles of booze they proposed a drinking game centered around the word "Scorsese."

"You'd be surprised how much that word comes up in casual conversation," McCarthy quipped. As Rudolph and Byrne got into an argument about how to pronounce the famous director's surname, McCarthy tried to keep up with her bottle.

She Made If After All - the announcement of the life time achievement award is always touching and nostalgic. This year SAG honored comedienne Mary Tyler More, and the audience was treated to several funny moments.

As a young girl Mary Tyler Moore's grandfather predicted her success, insisting, "that girl's future is either on the stage or in jail."

And then there was that pesky barbell SAG gave her to take home. Presenter Dick Van Dyke shook his head and advised her to get some help with it. "That's too heavy to carry," he mused.

Can I Help Myself - I Mean You - To That? - When Steve Buscemi charged the stage, wine glass in hand, to accept the award for best actor in a drama for "Boardwalk Empire," Tina Fey helped him out by holding it for him, so he could grab the statuette. He paused to thank her when he reached the podium, and in response she smiled a wicked smile and downed it before his eyes.

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