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Jennifer Aniston: Worst Actress or Wasted Actress?

Ryan Reynolds is an engaging actor, an ever-evolving action star, and a heck of a funny interview subject. But you clicked the title "Ryan Reynolds Shirtless," so you know why you're here. Though you couldn't tell from their photo shoot, Reynolds won People's 2010's "Sexiest Man Alive" honor in large part due to his impressively toned physique and killer abs. So if "People" won't oblige, where can you see Ryan Reynolds with his shirt off?

"Blade: Trinity": Ryan Reynolds seriously bulked up for this vampire action flick. People reports Ryan reached his top career weight for "Blade"--207 pounds of lean muscle. This is about as sturdy as you're ever going to see the willowy Reynolds. If you can handle all of the blood and gore, you'll get the joy of his monster arms and pecs while you're counting every delicious ripple in his rock solid abdomen. Plus he's cuffed and chained part of the time, just in case that does anything for you.

"The Amityville Horror": Just a year after "Blade," Ryan Reynolds was still nicely ripped for this horror remake. The scraggly beard, psychosis and terrifying gore aren't all that sexy, but watching him prowl around shirtless in pajama pants that are hanging on for dear life sure is. Watch for that sexy deep V-cut at the hips, the wonderful muscle definition weight lifters like to call "Apollo's belt."

"The Proposal": This is another gem of fortuitous timing. "The Proposal" came out just after "X-men Origins: Wolverine," where Ryan Reynolds beefed up to play the kick-ass katana-wielding Wade Wilson. This meant Reynolds was still in fantastic shape when he teamed up with gorgeous Sandra Bullock for this fun romp of a romantic comedy. The comical nude run-in scene with Bullock will have you have you laughing until your stomach hurts--at the same time you swallow your tongue at the full side view of Reynold's fully naked, fully toned body. You can't say I didn't warn you.

Entertainment Weekly, June 26/July 3, 2009 issue (Order back issues from Time, Inc.): Sure, it's not as good as a live-action movie, but the pics in this issue of EW allow you to ogle endlessly at your leisure. The cover photo alone is enough to make your mouth go dry. Sure, the whole scuba and water wings gear is adorably funny, but really all you're going to be looking at is the seriously cut abs, attractively hairy torso, and possibly illegal display of tan lines. Turn to the article and you get more shirtless Ryan Reynolds goodness, holding a suggestively giant water gun, plus an action shot so we can see those gorgeous muscles tightened to perfection. Plus, the dude has really nice feet. You know, just in case that does anything for you.

"Green Lantern": You might have to wait a bit for this June 2011 release, but any movie that has Ryan Reynolds in his underwear in the trailer has got to be good. Not only do you get the lovely taut abs in this opening "Green Lantern" scene, you get a nice peek at Reynolds' muscled back and mile-long legs with bulging thighs. Is it summer yet?

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