Ryan Kwanten Calls 'True Blood' S5 'Fiery'

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Preview Ryan Kwanten's 'New Girl' Gig

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Preview Ryan Kwanten's 'New Girl' Gig

Getting new season spoilers from the cast of True Blood is harder than dislodging a bull's horn from your sternum. Right Maryann???

And while Joe Manganiello remained tight lipped during my interview with him back in November, his co-star Ryan Kwanten recently dropped some hints about the tone season five will strike.

"If you figured we were controversial already, this is going to blow it off the hinges,'' he told Sydney's Daily Telegraph. "It's going to touch on a lot of fiery topics.''

And while that spoiler is skimpier than Sookie's skirts, with the cast headed back to work on New Year's Day, you can be sure this is just the start of the season five trickles.

True Blood is expected to return to HBO in June 2012.

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