Ryan Gosling is Smitten with Eva Mendes: Five Reasons We Are Too

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Eva Mendes

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Eva Mendes

We're having such a good time following Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes around the globe as they make us jealous with their sickeningly sweet little love affair. But we can't fault Ryan for piling on the PDA, letting the world know how love-struck he is with the Latin bombshell. He's probably got millions of reasons for enjoying his current dalliance with Eva. But for several reasons we're just as smitten with the sexy "Training Day" star. Here are a few, just in case you were wondering…

She doesn't realize how sexy she is.

There's usually one thing in particular that the world loves about sexy people: the fact that they don't realize they're sexy. You would think that being named the sexiest woman alive would give you a big hint. But this isn't so with Eva Mendes. She's comfortable in her skin (if you had her skin, wouldn't you be?) and understands sexuality enough to portray it convincingly on-screen, without pretension. Ironically, she admitted that filming her "We Own the Night" sex scene with Joaquin Phoenix was unnerving. Imagine that.

But she doesn't apologize for being sexy when it counts…

Ok, so maybe Eva really is aware of her sex appeal. She knows when to dial it up and did so for a pretty racy Calvin Klein ad. But when the billboard created an uproar with "religious critics", Eva didn't back down. Nope. No public apologies for her. As a matter of fact, she called her naysayers "wrong", adding that no kids were traumatized by the presentation. You gotta love her.

She doesn't want kids and is not ashamed to say it.

Sometimes when you tell people that you don't want kids, they look at you as if you've committed a cardinal sin. Everybody is supposed to want kids. Motherhood is fabulous. That's what society would have every woman believe. Eva doesn't dispute either of these sentiments. But in 2010, she admitted that although she "loves the little suckers", she didn't want to have any. She hasn't completely ruled out the possibility. But making such an "unpopular" statement on the subject takes guts.

Eva Mendes "is" Amy Winehouse.

Ok, so this is a weird one. What in the world does the late Amy Winehouse have to do with this Latin beauty. Well, if you've seen photos of Mendes on the set of upcoming French film "Holly Motors" then you understand this reference. The film has absolutely nothing to do with the late soul singer. But Eva's beehive hair and thick retro make-up have drawn dozens of comparisons between the two. Plenty of celebrity look-alikes exist in the world. This just happens to be one of the cooler ones.

And speaking of singing...

Some models are also actors. Some actors are also singers. So it comes as no surprise that actress Eva Mendes offers up her vocal chops in a Thierry Mugler "Angel" perfume campaign. She croons "The Windmills of Your Mind" with the simple elegance of child's lullaby. You've got to admit that hearing this saintly voice coming out of that face is a special treat.

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