Should Russell Brand's New Memoir Leave Out His Marriage to Katy Perry?

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Katy Perry and Russell Brand celebrated their first wedding anniversary over the weekend.

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Katy Perry and Russell Brand celebrated their first wedding anniversary over the weekend.

Some would have thought that if any couple could keep it clean in the wake of a divorce, it would be British funnyman Russell Brand and pop sensation Katy Perry. Both have a public persona of fun-loving, devil-may-care attitudes that their fans all buy into. It's what made them actually make sense as a couple. It wasn't a stretch to imagine them having fun and laughing together. However, since Brand filed divorce papers on December 30th of last year, the bloom has definitely come off this rose.

The "Kissed a Girl" singer is up in arms over her ex-husband's memoir that he is reportedly working on. What galls Katy is that the "Get Him to the Greek" star apparently is going to bare it all and get into every aspect of their romance. According to an Us Weekly source close to Perry, she feels "insulted and feels betrayed that Russell has treated her so poorly."

If Russell is planning on writing a tell-all, is it in anyone's best interest to delve into the depths of his imploded marriage? One could make a strong case both for and against the inclusion of Perry in the book.

The Case For Including Katy

Let's face it. The only reason anyone would be really interested in a memoir from Brand would be to get in on the gory details of why his marriage to Perry broke up. Sure, he's a funny guy and no matter what, the book would probably be quite entertaining. That being said, we're sure that part of any book deal Russell would sign would have to be the agreement to discuss and disclose details around the marriage.

Like it or not, people are interested in the details surrounding celebrity romance and breakups. Brand would simply giving the public what they'd expect, and he'd all but guarantee big sales figures if the marriage was discussed within its pages. As long as its written from a place of honesty and openness, is there anything for either of them to be ashamed of?

The Case for Leaving Katy Out

In a world where everything is sprawled out in the tabloids and on the Internet, it might be refreshing to see the "Arthur" actor take the high road with a memoir. There is something about the Golden Rule and not saying anything if you have nothing nice to be said. Others call that "being classy." There was a time however, when it would be unthinkable for a star to divulge messy details in a tell-all book; it would ruin their mystique and cheapen their fame.

It's that choice to be restrained and civil that could set Brand apart from other stars and their breakups. Natural curiosities aside, what good would it do the public and their fans to hear every detail laid out in the book? They are broken up and divorcing. Shouldn't that be all the detail that the world needs to know? Besides all that, there's a real risk of backfire on Russell if the public perception is one that he's being harsh and vindictive.

Should Russell Brand include all the details of his failed marriage with Katy Perry in his new memoir? Drop us a comment and let us know!

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