Russell Brand Turns 37 - What's He Got Coming Up?

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Comedian and actor Russell Brand has had some ups and downs lately both personally and professionally. On the personal front, we all know by now about his brief marriage to singer Katy Perry dissolving. It can't be fun seeing your marriage break up in the headlines. Then last year his big star turn in the remake of the Dudley Moore classic "Arthur" royally tanked at the box office.

But all of that can be forgotten today, because today is Russell's 37th birthday! The "Get Him to the Greek Star" can cheer himself up with this fact: Russell actually shares the exact same birthday as Angelina Jolie, who also turns 37 today. So what is on the horizon for the British comedian?

He's Going to Be Talking - This year, FX will debut a new talk and variety show, hosted by Brand. The show is being billed as a six-episode trial balloon to see if the format will stick with FX's audience. Apparently the show is shot in such a way that no matter where the show's host is in the world, they can set up cameras and bring in an audience and tape a show. Given Russell's unique and honest point of view, the show should be quite interesting and entertaining.

He's Going to Rock! - Fans of "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" know that Brand can sing. He's played the same pop singer in two films, and now he's got a co-starring role opposite Tom Cruise in the forthcoming "Rock of Ages." The film is a musical, telling the tale of an 1980s era band and their trials and triumphs. Just by looking at Brand, one can tell he fits in nicely with the motif and styling of the film, without much adaptation at all. The film releases this month, and is highly anticipated.

He Worked With "Juno" Writer Diablo Cody - Cody, who gave the world the quirky genius that was a film about a pregnant teenager and her decision to have the baby and put it up for adoption, snagged Brand for new, still as of yet untitled film. The new film stars Julianne Hough as a woman who survives a plane crash and has a crisis of faith in the aftermath. Due in theaters next year, the film also stars Octavia Spencer from "The Help" and Nick Offerman, known to "Parks and Recreation" fans as Ron Swanson.

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