Russell Brand Reveals New Tattoo: Other Stars with Meaningful Tattoos

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Russell Brand Reveals New Tattoo: Other Stars with Meaningful Tattoos

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Russell Brand is sporting some new ink.

British comedian Russell Brand has revealed a new tattoo with a very special meaning. The "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" star was snapped with the inspirational quote "Lord, make me a channel of thy peace" tattooed on his right forearm. The quote, taken from a Catholic prayer, is mentioned in literature used by Alcoholics Anonymous. Russell has been open about his past drug use, and is currently working on a documentary set to air on BBC later this month. In the special, he reveals that he misses his days as a drug addict but acknowledges the problems that they caused. "Heroin is a greedy drug, it'll take everything," he says. "First it'll take your money. Then it'll take your friends, your family, your car, your house." Russell is just one of many celebs that have gotten meaningful ink permanently etched on their bodies. Here are some other stars with notable tattoos.

Angelina Jolie

The Oscar winner once had a tattoo of snake and the name of ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton tattooed on her left arm, but she ditched that after the two split. Now she has several lines of numbers in the same area, and it turns out they have a special meaning for her. Each line represents the coordinates of the places her children were born. In 2011, the actress revealed a seventh line that represents the birthplace of fiancé Brad Pitt. If the two decide to add more children, there is still plenty of room on the brunette beauty's arm.

Victoria Beckham

While husband David is famous for the number of tattoos he has on his body, the former Spice Girls singer has some ink of her own. Her most famous tattoo might be the vertical string of words that runs down the middle of her back. It turns out that the saying comes from a Hebrew scripture and means ""I am my beloved and my beloved is mine." This is an obvious reference to her husband, who added a similar tattoo to honor Victoria.

Demi Lovato

The singer has had a well-documented battle with eating disorders and depression, so the meaning behind the tattoo on her ribs is easy to understand. Demi has the words "You make me beautiful" tattooed there, and she has been clear about what the ink means to her. In a documentary for MTV, she said she likes to "look in the mirror every day and remind myself that I'm beautiful." Demi has other confidence-raising tattoos on her body, including the words "Stay Strong" on her wrist.

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