Russell Brand Poses as Captain Hook: Other A-List Stars to Play Evil Disney Pirates

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Comedian Russell Brand is taking on the iconic role of Captain Hook, at least in photographs. As part of a new ad campaign for Disney, the British funnyman posed as Peter Pan's greatest rival. Legendary photographer Annie Leibovitz snapped the shot, which features Russell standing between the jaws of an alligator with his sword drawn. Seeing how much the "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" star looks the part, could a film role be far behind? If it is, Russell would be joining some pretty good company. Here is a look at some other big stars that portrayed evil pirates in Disney movies.

Dustin Hoffman

Many different actors have portrayed the villainous Captain Hook over the years, but Dustin might be the most famous. The Oscar winner took on the role in the 1991 film "Hook," Steven Spielberg's take on the classic Peter Pan tale. In the movie, Hook kidnaps Peter's two children in an effort to seek revenge against his green-suited nemesis. Despite an All-Star cast that also featured Robin Williams and Julia Roberts, the film received poor reviews. Still, Dustin looked like he had a great time hamming it up as the evil pirate with one hand.

Geoffrey Rush

Geoffrey had roles in all four "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies, but his most important one came in the original. As Hector Barbossa, the Oscar winner gave moviegoers a great villain to balance out the captivating performance of Johnny Depp. His simple take on the bad guy earned him rave reviews, including one from prominent critic Roger Ebert. "Geoffrey Rush is relatively subdued," wrote Ebert in 2003. "His Barbossa, whose teeth alone would intimidate a congregation of dentists, brings gnashing to an art form."

Bill Nighy

The English star is no stranger to playing a villain, so he was a logical choice to play the role of the evil Davy Jones in "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest." In fact, Bill was so good that the producers decided to use him in two movies, also letting him serve as the main antagonist in "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End." With a distinct limp and a beard full of tentacles, the actor easily stole the spotlight from star Depp. His work as the sole-stealing pirate earned him an MTV Movie Awards nomination for Best Villain.

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