New Rumored Couple Robin Wright and Ben Foster: A Match Made in Heaven?

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Robin Wright, Ben Foster

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Robin Wright, Ben Foster

Tinseltown's recently rumored couple Robin Wright and Ben Foster appears to be making a quiet romantic splash. Reports that the co-stars (of film "Rampart") have been getting cozy are now making the rounds. This is a prime example of a rumor that kind of makes us cock our heads to the side. How did they hit it off? What's the attraction? And while we're asking ourselves these questions, we also feel oddly satisfied by the prospect of their romance.

Despite their different backgrounds, they seem to have great chemistry.

Plenty of stars have started their careers in soap operas. Few may recall Robin's early days as innocent Kelly on NBC soap "Santa Barbara." But those who do will most certainly agree that she has come along way in her acting career. Gravitating towards roles that are a little off the beaten path, Robin Wright has the kind of brooding intensity that makes her perfect for dark Hollywood dramas. Couple that with Ben's loose cannon acting style, and you've got one hot little hook-up.

Ben Foster is 14 years her junior.

There seems to be a growing trend in Hollywood with older women dating younger men. We're more than a little over the whole "cougar" phenomenon. But there is something to be said for the number of mature Hollywood stars who seem to be attracting younger men. So for no other shallow reason than the fact that dating down in age is a trend-we kind of find it cool that Ben and Robin have allegedly been getting pretty close.

There is something a little "crazy" about Ben Foster (in a good way).

He was crazed, drugged, and out of control in 2006's "Alpha Dog." He played quirky Russell on HBO's hit series "Six Feet Under." His infamous intensity can be found in any number of his movies, no matter the genre. There's a little crazy dance going on behind those eyes---the kind that independent filmmakers love. It's that rebel Hollywood gene that keeps him in the headlines for dating rock stars' daughters (Lenny's daughter, Zoe) and A-list actresses like Wright.

She was married to Sean Penn.

Before Sean Penn started cavorting around town with the likes of Scarlett Johansson, he was joined at the hip with Robin for more than a decade. We imagined that she would be the woman to tame the bad boy in Sean Penn; the jury may still be out on that one. In any case, it's hard to imagine what kind of man she would choose after having spent so many years with her ex. Interestingly, it seems that Ben shares some of the same fire. Coincidence?

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