Rumored Affair: Why Would Ashton Kutcher Be so Flagrant About Alleged Fling with Sara Leal?

Could Kutcher Have Purposely Sabotaged His Marriage to Demi Moore?

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Ashton Kutcher made little attempt to hide his one night stand with Sara Leal. What was his motive?

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Ashton Kutcher made little attempt to hide his one night stand with Sara Leal. What was his motive?

Short of taking out a billboard advertising he cheated on his wife, Ashton Kutcher could not have been more obvious about making sure everyone found out he had a one night stand with Sara Leal -- a woman half the age of his wife -- if rumors about his alleged cheating are true. That he may have done so on their sixth wedding anniversary would have sent an even darker and more devastating message to Demi Moore.

Publicly hot tubbing with women at the Hard Rock hotel and allegedly having unprotected sex with a woman bound to blab to the tabloids is not the behavior of a man trying to preserve his marriage or protect his wife's feelings.

Unlike the average bored husband craving a secret fling, the "Two and a Half Men" star's possible overt betrayal would be that of a rebellious teenager staying out past midnight and then slamming the door when he got home. It doesn't take a Dr. Phil to figure out Ashton may have wanted Demi to discover what he was up to. The question is why?

If the rumors are true, here are some possible reasons the "No Strings Attached" actor could have decided to be obvious about an affair:

Good Publicity for His New TV Show

The former model is reportedly worried that ratings for "Two and a Half Men" could topple after his initial first episode as Charlie Sheen's replacement. Although helping hurricane victims or saving sea otters might have been a classier way to attract press attention, it would be quicker and easier to whip up a scandal guaranteed to keep his boyish face all over the tabloids to sustain interest in his TV show.

Resents Demi Getting Credit for His Success

Before becoming Mr. Demi Moore, the Iowa native was mainly famous for playing Michael Kelso in "That '70s Show" and producing the "Candid Camera" remake "Punk'd" for MTV. Upon marrying the recent "Five" director and holiday face of Ann Taylor, Kutcher became an instant A-lister -- a fixture on late night TV shows and the first person to have a million Twitter followers. Though he may have been on the verge of success without marrying a big star, it could be the "Valentine's Day" actor felt insecure about his fast track to the top and wanted to show the world he could be successful without his famous wife.

Wanted the Divorce to Look Like Demi's Idea

Given their age difference -- Moore is 48 and Kutcher, 33-- the December half of the May-December romance could have desired to hang with women closer to his own age (not counting his three step-daughters). In his mid-20s at the time of his marriage, it is possible the younger man outgrew his need to partner with a more mature woman and felt stuck being married to Moore. By humiliating her with such outrageously embarrassing behavior, the "Dude, Where's My Car?" star could have secretly hoped to provoke his long-patient wife to finally file for divorce.

Though Moore and Kutcher are still allegedly living together, rumors about moving vans in front of their house and Demi looking scarily skinny fuel speculation that a separation is imminent. Only time will tell if the couple survive this latest tabloid tempest.

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