Rude or Romantic? Kelsey Grammer Takes Phone Call from Wife During Press Conference

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Rude or Romantic? Kelsey Grammer Takes Phone Call from Wife During Press Conference

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Kelsey Grammer

Kelsey Grammer snubbed television columnists at the TV critics summer press tour when he answered a phone call from his better half, Kayte Walsh, in the middle of a panel discussion for his Starz TV show "Boss."

During the press conference, the "Frasier" star's cell phone alerted him he had an incoming call from his wife. Rather than wait until the event was over, he took the call.

During the convo, he told his bride, "I'm [on] stage right now," which should have clued the fourth Mrs. Grammer to call back later. But the relatively new husband, apparently still in the honeymoon phase, told her to "go ahead," and after listening to her concern, he cryptically suggested, "(They should) bring the truck, so they can go to Universal after that" and advised her to "call Stan."

All the while, the dissed critics stirred restlessly in their seats, feeling like chopped liver as the arrogant celeb put them on hold until he was done talking to his wife.

Questioned at the end of the session about why he took the call, Grammer unapologetically explained, "There are some things that are more important than others and the well-being of my wife sits atop the charts."

Does that mean his bride's well-being would have suffered had he called her back after the press conference? What if Grammer had been appearing in a stage play during that time? Would he have made a Broadway audience wait for the show to resume while he calmed down his frantic frau?


Yet for some reason Grammer thought he could get away with pushing the pause button on a live panel discussion with ink-stained hacks under the ruse of being the perfect husband.

While some romantics may be touched by the "Cheers" star's devoted husband stunt, most people will conclude it is just another example of celebrity narcissism. On the "Joy Behar Show," Grammer's ex-wife, Camille, used the other N-word to describe her husband when she called him a "narcissist."

Not surprisingly, the bearded Romeo has many celestial peers who also think they are the center of the universe. Dr. Drew Pinsky published a study that showed "celebrities are significantly more narcissistic than MBA students and the general population."

Though the "Celebrity Rehab" doctor's research revealed celebrities may be narcissists before becoming famous, an article in Psychology Today suggests the extreme attention lavished on movie and TV stars may contribute to their feeling of superiority. The article cites the example of Tom Cruise, whose fans will stand in line for hours just to see him emerge from a limo.

Given his distorted self-image, it may not have occurred to the clueless Kelsey that making other people wait while he conversed with his wife is not only considered disrespectful by most commoners, but also an old-fashioned case of discourtesy.

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