Robin Williams to Play President Eisenhower: Plus Other Stars Who Have Embraced Their Presidential Side

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Robin Williams is feeling presidential!

The eternal funnyman is turning to his dramatic side to take on the role of President Dwight D. Eisenhower in the upcoming film, "The Butler". To help get the actor in the spirit for the role, he will be taking on a new look by shaving off his shaggy mane of hair to go bald.

The movie follows one White House employee's thirty year career taking care of the revolving door of first families.

With his turn in the Hollywood version of the oval office, Williams joins an elite class of actors who have embraced their presidential side. Some of the roles have been biographic twists on real world politicians, others have been completely imagined fictional power players, but all have taken a turn as a Hollywood President:

Ronald Reagan: He's the only actor who traded in his Hollywood career for a real world turn in the big house! His career in acting spanned nearly thirty years with various stints on radio, film and television. Despite his long and successful acting career, "The Gipper" turned his attention to politics in 1965. It turned out to be a wise career choice earning him two terms as the Governor of California and two terms as the President of the United States!

Josh Brolin: Oliver stone turned to the son of actor James Brolin to step into the shoes of George W. Busch in the film, "W", in 2008. The actor earned rave reviews and even got a stint hosting "Saturday Night Live" thanks to his turn in the White House. Despite his successful turn in the Presidential seat, it almost never happened. The role was originally cast to Christian Bale who dropped out at the last minute.

Robin Williams: This will be Robin's second stint as President after portraying President Theodore Roosevelt in the "Night at the Museum" franchise . To his credit, this will be the first time we get to see the actor take up residence in the White House!

Harrison Ford: When it comes down to fictional movie Presidents, Harrison Ford takes the cake! The actor earned the title as America's favorite movie president with his take as the heroic President James Marshall in the 1997 action film, "Air Force One".

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