Robin Williams Married for the Third Time at 60 - His Most Memorable Film Roles

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Robin Williams tied the knot over the weekend.

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Robin Williams tied the knot over the weekend.

Over the weekend, Robin Williams, age 60, married graphic designer Susan Schneider in Northern California. For the star of "Good Will Hunting" and "Dead Poets Society," this is his third marriage. The divorce settlement with his second wife was finalized earlier last year. Williams has fully entrenched himself in the public's eye as not just a brilliant comedian, but a fantastic actor. Here now are five of his best film performances.

John Keating in "Dead Poets Society" - In 1989 Robin Williams took on the starring role in this drama about an English teacher who is able to impart wisdom beyond his classroom's boundaries at a prestigious boarding school. For his performance as Professor Keating, Williams was nominated for Best Actor.

Sean Maguire in "Good Will Hunting" - As a psychologist trying to work out his own demons while helping a troubled genius trapped in a life of mediocrity played by Matt Damon, Williams was flawless. When the scene called for levity or wit, he was pitch perfect, and when the material of the movie called for a real flexing of his acting muscles, he delivered. The Academy voters also thought he did a spectacular job and he won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his troubles.

Daniel Hilliard/Mrs. Doubtfire in "Mrs. Doubtfire" - If "Good Will Hunting" is Williams' finest work as a dramatic actor, then "Mrs. Doubtfire" probably deserves the prize for his best comedic performance. Just like Dustin Hoffman in Tootsie before him, he was able to fully embody the essence of a female character so much so that you stopped thinking of Mrs. Doubtfire as Robin in drag and heavy prosthetic makeup, but as her own unique character.

Genie in "Aladdin" - If you were going to hire one actor to be a singing, wise-cracking magical genie for your animated feature film, you'd be silly not to cast Robin Williams in that role. I'm sure Disney is still happy they made that decision because his performance in that film helped to push the box office receipts into the stratosphere. "A Friend Like Me" was the perfect musical showcase for Robin's talents.

Armand Goldman in "The Bird Cage" - Another role that it just seems that the venerable actor was born to play. Armand Goldman is the owner of a gay nightclub who agrees to act like a straight man in front of the parents of son's fiancé (what a mouthful!). What makes this role so fantastic is that it pairs him up with Nathan Lane as his lover, making for some truly hilarious moments between the two men, especially when Armand is trying to train Albert (Lane) how to "be straight."

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