Robert Pattinson Starts 'Twilight' Publicity Tour: What Else He's Been Up to Lately

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Robert Pattinson Starts 'Twilight' Publicity Tour: What Else He's Been Up to Lately

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Robert Pattinson is back on tour for 'Twilight.'

Robert Pattinson is heading out on his "Twilight" publicity tour. After the final film in the series is released next month, the actor will say good-bye to the role that made him famous. In preparation for that, Robert has started a media tour in order to give more hype to a movie that already has plenty of it. The actor recently traveled to Australia to promote the movie, and is expected to join Kristen Stewart and his other co-stars in Los Angeles at the end of the week. Obviously, the "Twilight" festivities will keep him busy for the next month. However, he has plenty of other things going on in his life. Here is a look at some of the non-"Twilight" things going on in Robert's life.

He's working on his relationship

Robert's romance with Kristen has been in the news a lot lately. After the actress admitted to cheating on her boyfriend with a married director, there was clearly tension between the two. But after Kristen issued a heartfelt apology, the couple seems intent on working things out. They are reportedly living together again, and will soon join forces in promoting the final chapter of their vampire epic. For the time being, it looks like Rob still has love on his side.

He's busy with the next phase of his career

"Twilight" might be ending, but that doesn't mean that Rob is done working. In fact, he has a full slate of movies lined up to celebrate his post-Edward career. He will take on the iconic role of T.E. Lawrence in the 2013 film "Queen of the Desert." Peter O'Toole previously played the role in the acclaimed 1962 film "Lawrence of Arabia." He is also slated to appear in "Mission: Blacklist," a thriller set to be released next year.

He's winning magazine awards

Ever since he achieved fame, Robert has made a number of impressive magazine lists. In 2012, he was again honored by a couple of major publications. Earlier this year, GQ named Robert as the year's best dressed man. In October, Glamour UK gave the actor the prestigious "Sexiest Man Alive" title. He earned that honor via a fan vote, which proves that plenty of people out there still buy into the star's appeal. That should help him remain a star long after "Twilight" is in the rear-view mirror.

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