Robert Pattinson Says He's Homeless -- 3 Celebs Who Actually Were Homeless

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Robert Pattinson Says He's Homeless -- 3 Celebs Who Actually Were Homeless

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Robert Pattinson makes an appearance during the 2012 Comic-Con in San Diego, California.

Robert Pattinson might be worth millions, but he told late night host Jimmy Kimmel that he's actually no better than a bum on the street.

"Last time you were here you were homeless," Kimmel said to Pattinson, still on the promotion trail for his new movie, "Cosmopolis."

"I still am," the man also known as Edward Cullen joked. "No, I rented this archway and I just live behind it. In one of those trash cans."

The actor is joking, of course: He was living in a Los Angeles area home with girlfriend Kristen Stewart before her affair with Rupert Sanders went public. A moving truck was spotted outside the house in the days after her tearful apology, but it's not clear who moved out. We do know he spent some time holed up in Reese Witherspoon's Ojai, Calif., vacation home.

Pattinson's homeless joke is an easy way to deflect prying personal questions, but some celebrities were actually homeless before they hit it big in Hollywood.

Daniel Craig

Actor Daniel Craig is on top of the world these days - and hobnobbing with Queen Elizabeth -- thanks to his high-profile James Bond movies. However, life wasn't always so easy for Craig: He spent time sleeping on a London park bench while trying to make it as an actor.

Hilary Swank

From homeless to Oscar winner. It sounds like the plot of a Hollywood movie, but it really happened to actress Hilary Swank. The actress and her mom moved to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career, but they couldn't afford to support themselves in expensive California. They ended up living in their car before a friend helped them find a home.

She might be rich now, but her past had a lasting impact. Swank revealed that she still clips coupons to save money at the grocery store.

"When you open up the paper and you see those coupons, it looks like dollar bills staring you in the face. . . . It's how I grew up. Why not?" she said.

Willie Aames

Actor Willie Aames was once on top of the world as a teen heartthrob on the show "Eight is Enough." Drug use and other personal issues took hold of his body - and his fortune - over the years, leading him to homelessness for a few years.

"At the very peak [of "Eight Is Enough"] I was making a little over a million dollars a year. Then suddenly there was no job, no bank account, no wife, no child. I never dreamt it could happen that fast. I found myself virtually homeless," he told Entertainment Tonight. "I stayed with friends when I could, slept in parking garages or slept in the park. It was shameful. I remember laying underneath the bushes thinking, 'Is this how it turns out? Is this how my life really turns out?'"

He eventually got his act back together and is leaving Hollywood behind - for good - for a life as a financial planner. Yes, seriously.

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