Robert Pattinson Delivers Stirring, Dark Performance In ‘Cosmopolis’

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Robert Pattinson Delivers Stirring, Dark Performance In ‘Cosmopolis’

Rob's mind-bending drama will change the way you look at him — and about our economy.

If your ideal Robert Pattinson movie involves the 26-year-old Brit baring his fangs and sparkling in the sunlight, you might want to adjust your mindset before seeing Rob's new movie, Cosmopolis. A decidedly intellectual departure from Rob's previous endeavors, the David Cronenberg-directed picture fuses sex, violence and the dangers of capitalism. (Like I said, it's no Twilight.) Rob plays 28-year-old billionaire Eric Packer, who spends almost the entire film driving through New York City in the back of a limousine to get a haircut. Along the way, he encounters — and, in some cases, has crazy-hot sex with — a variety of intriguing individuals with ties to his professional and personal life. Among them are his wife (Sarah Gadon), his mistresses (Juliette Binoche and Patricia McKenzie), and the unpredictable Benno Levin (Paul Giamatti). Even when the audience isn't entirely sure what's happening in the movie — and trust me, you'll feel that way at times — Rob's powerful, almost hypnotic, performance commands everyone's undivided attention. You never know what (or who) Eric is going to do next, which adds a layer of suspense to the unconventionally low-action experience. The film's release

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