Robert Downey Jr. Trivia

Robert Downey Jr. is back as Sherlock Holmes.

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Robert Downey Jr. is back as Sherlock Holmes.

The much anticipated Sherlock Holmes sequel "A Game of Shadows" opens on December 16. The movie finds Robert Downey Jr. reprising his role playing the great sleuth. But how much do you know about this veteran actor? Test your knowledge of Robert Downey Jr. by taking this quiz below.

Trivia Questions:

1. Where and when was Robert Downey Jr. born?

2. Downey Jr.'s father was a filmmaker and director. The son appeared in three of his dad's films. Name them.

3. While a struggling actor in New York in the 1980s what unusual job did Downey Jr. perform?

4. What "Sex and the City" star did Downey Jr. live with during the 1980s?

5. How many children does Downey Jr. have?

6. Name the TV series on which Downey Jr. made his primetime debut in 2001?

7. In 2004 Downey Jr. released an album of original songs and cover tunes. Name the album.

8. Name the two superstars who performed at the reception when Downey Jr. wed movie producer, Susan Levin.

9. In 2008 Downey Jr. played the role of Tony Stark in two films in one year. What were the films?

10. How many Academy Awards has Downey Jr. won?

Trivia Answers:

1. Robert Downey Jr. was born on April 4, 1965, in New York, New York.

2. Robert Downey Jr. was in Robert Downey Sr.'s films "Pound" (1970), "Greaser's Palace" (1972) and "Mad Magazine Presents: Up the Academy" (1980).

3. Downey Jr. performed as a piece of living art at a nightclub in SoHo while struggling to find work as an actor in New York.

4. Downey met Sarah Jessica Parker on the set of "Firstborn" and lived with her for seven years during the 1980s.

5. Downey Jr. has one son, Indio Falconer, who was born on September 7, 1993, to Downey Jr. and his first wife, Deborah Falconer. He and his current wife, Susan Downey, are expecting a child in early 2012.

6. Downey was cast as Larry Paul on the Fox show "Ally McBeal" in 2001 and was on the series for 25 episodes, garnering a Golden Globe award and an Emmy nomination.

7. In 2004 Downey Jr. released the album "The Futurist " on the Sony Classics label. It peaked at number 121 on the Billboard 200 chart and included original songs and covers like Bob Seger's "Chances Are" and Charlie Chaplin's "Smile."

8. Both Sting and Billy Joel sang at Downey Jr.'s wedding to Susan Levin on August 27, 2005.

9. Downey Jr. played Tony Stark in both "Iron Man" and "The Incredible Hulk" in 2008. Both films were Marvel Studios productions.

10. Downey Jr. has not won any Oscars. He has been nominated twice, once for "Chaplin" in 1992 and again for "Tropic Thinder" in 2008. Has has, however, won three Golden Globes - Best Ensemble Cast for "Short Cuts" in 1993, Best Support Acting for "Ally McBeal in 2001 and Best Actor for "Sherlock Holmes" in 2010.

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