Rob Kardashian Lied About Law School & Other Kardashian Fibs

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Think Rob Kardashian is going to turn his back on reality stardom for law school? We don't blame you: He tweeted Monday that he was enrolled in law school.

"Going to Law School very soon and so excited and can't wait!" the 25-year-old tweeted. "School just never ends for me! #UniversityofSouthernCal #Trojans #FightOn."

The problem? He's not going to USC's Gould School of Law.

"Rob Kardashian is not coming here, but we wish him luck at law school," the school tweeted after the story went viral Tuesday. "Rob Kardashian hasn't even applied to USC Law."

Oopsies. Why would he lie about something like that - especially since it's so easy to find out the truth? Well, it seems like he also suffers from Kardashian Reality, the illness where they believe if they say things loud enough they'll be true.

Kim Kardashian's Sex Tape: Lies?

Kim Kardashian claimed to be super devastated when her sex tape with ex-boyfriend Ray J hit the interwebs in 2007. However, rumors have again emerged that momager Kris Jenner released the sex tape as a business strategy.

"Kris was totally involved in arranging the sale of Kim's sex tape," a source told Star magazine of the sex vid.

"The video already existed and Kris was there every step of the way as a middleman brought in to market it to an adult entertainment company."

Gross. Worse? Jenner allegedly demanded a reshoot.

That's not what Jenner told Oprah, though.

"No mother ever wants to hear something like that," she told the talk queen. "I could tell (Kim) was in a lot of pain" when the tape came out.

So, who do we believe here?

Kim Kardashian's Sham Marriage

Remember when Kim Kardashian married Kris Humphries for all of 72 days? She wanted us to think it was her "fairytale" and she tried to make it work, but now even Humphries thinks the whole thing was a sham. He even believes Kardashian cheated on him with now-boyfriend Kanye West.

"When she was engaged to Kris, she fooled around with Kanye on a yacht at Loren Ridinger's party," a source told HollywoodLife in June. "It was a crazy sexually charged night - and she told a friend it was the best sex she ever had."

The reality star - and her lawyers - maintain it wasn't a fake marriage.

"Our office did indeed negotiate and prepare a prenup for Ms. Kardashian," attorney Laura Wasser told TMZ after news of the divorce broke. "Given what I know regarding that document, it is not plausible that this marriage was a sham."

Why do you think Rob Kardashian lied about law school?

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