Rise of the Incredibly Shrinking Rapper: Rappers with Massive Weight Loss

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Fat Joe

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Fat Joe

Superstars like Jennifer Hudson and Jordin Sparks aren't the only people in Hollywood to transform their bodies into lean machines. For some reason, the world seems to pay more attention to the ladies who trim down. But men are following in their footsteps. For instance, had rapper Notorious B.I.G. lived, would he have maintained his large frame? Or would he have joined the ranks of hip-hoppers who toned down their physiques? Come to think of it, there are quite a few big hip-hop figures (bad pun not intended) who have drastically altered their shapes.

Fat Joe

"Lean Back" rapper Fat Joe is the latest to join the list. He's slimmed down considerably. And according to Us Magazine, he's skimmed off nearly 90 lbs. He credits a desire to maintain good health for his children as the catalyst for the cardio exercises and smaller, healthier meals. So, does this mean we have to call him Skinny Joe from now on?


This rapper/super producer is notorious for his battles with weight. But nothing shook up fans more than when he stepped out in 2007 looking like he'd been doing push-ups for 5 months straight. But he packed on the pounds again. And by 2010, he revealed his famously stocky size on stage with Lil Kim, and also at the House of Blues with singer, Brandy and Justin Timberlake.

Dr. Dre

West Coast rap mogul Dr. Dre has always been known for his husky frame. But in recent years, we've watched Dre magically shift from a burly hip-hop producer into an Olympic body builder. Some have made their cracks about steroid use. But the mogul claims that a rigorous daily 2-hour gym workout (over four years) is responsible for his diesel physique. In any event, I dare you to make this accusation to his face.

Paul Wall

Paul Wall is yet another rapper to shock fans with drastic weight loss. The "ice-grilled" Houston native was always known as slightly chunky. But recent pictures of Paul Wall reveal a much slimmer physique. He credits cutting his diet tremendously. The gastric sleeve surgery didn't hurt either. Mediatakeout has even compared the Dirty South rapper to the suave Justin Timberlake.

50 Cent

"Fiddy" went to the other end of the spectrum, shedding a massive amount of weight from his already taut frame---until he literally weighed 50 cents. But to squash any public anxiety, the rapper confirmed that he'd lost pounds for a film called "Things Fall Apart." 50's gaunt look scared fans. But by July of 2010, he was back up to his previous pumped-up status.

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