Rihanna Texts Robert Pattinson and Races Rob Kardashian

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Are Rihanna and Katy Perry fighting over Robert Pattinson?

Is Rihanna attempting to get over Chris Brown by sending Robert Pattinson flirty texts? Or is she hoping to snag Rob Kardashian from her musical rival Rita Ora?

Last week there were reports that RiRi was sending Pattinson "sexy, funny texts" in hopes of making him forget about trampire Kristen Stewart. Judging from some of RiRi's tweets, the texts in question probably left Rob blushing.

Rob has reportedly been resisting the sexy singer so far, and this could have something to do with her BFF Katy Perry - the candy queen might be competing with RiRi for Rob's affection, and she has a way of attracting his attention that RiRi does not.

According to The Sun, Rob and Katy recently went out on a dinner date, and she seemed pretty determined to make Rob her post-John Mayer rebound. Here's what a source said about their date: "She wore a tight, sparkly top and Rob was looking at her breasts all night. He tried to avoid it when talking to her but as soon as she looked away to talk to someone else, Rob would sneak a peek."

Who can blame Rob? After all, it's not like K-Stew could rock that kind of cleavage. And poor RiRi's sexy texts just can't compete with Katy's cupcakes.

Perhaps that's why the "S&M" singer decided to move on to another Rob. She did her best to keep up with the only male Kardashian when she and the sock mogul raced go-karts at the Racer's Edge Indoor Karting track in Burbank, Calif. over the weekend. The outing definitely raised a few eyebrows since Rob has been linked to British singer Rita Ora, whose sound and style has been compared to RiRi's.

Meanwhile Rita was spotted partying with her own famous friend across the pond - she invited One Direction singer Harry Styles to watch her perform at the G-A-Y club in London. However, Harry's heart might belong to RiRi, who has also admitted to taking a bit of shine to the boy band member.

To make matters even more confusing, Rita has a crush on Robert Pattinson. So this isn't just a love triangle - it's a love hexagon.

So where does RiRi's ex Chris Brown fit in here? According to E! Online, Rob Kardashian and RiRi partied at the Playhouse club after their go-kart date, and Breezy was also in the building. However, RiRi reportedly didn't interact with her ex. Maybe she was just using Rob to make him jealous, or maybe she avoided Chris because she doesn't want to get slapped by Joan Rivers.

So let's try to sort this romantic mess out - RiRi can keep her harmless Kardashian; Katy can get over Mayer with equally-pasty Pattinson; Rita can hook up with her fellow British singer Harry Styles; and K-Stew and Mayer can couple up. What do you think of this arrangement?

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