Rihanna Steps Out in Unflattering Menswear Look, Plus Where She's Been and What She's Up To

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Rihanna Steps Out in Unflattering Menswear Look, Plus Where She's Been and What She's Up To

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Rihanna has been hanging out on her 777 tour.

It's no secret that Rihanna makes some rather interesting fashion choices. She dons sheer ensembles and shirts with marijuana images on them, and this time she stepped out in an unflattering menswear ensemble that looks like pajamas with a coat thrown over it. On November 19, she was in London at the Westfield Stratford City Christmas Lights switch-on and wore a blue oversized Raf Simons blazer over an Acne grey and navy blue striped top and trousers with a white dress shirt underneath. Not loving the look at all, but at least her hair and makeup look pretty. She reportedly got about $795,000 just for attending the event. Other than stepping out in an unflattering look, what else has she been up to lately?

777 Tour illness

On November 14, the songstress kicked off her 777 Tour in which she embarked on a seven day, seven country tour. On the agenda were major cities Mexico City, Los Angeles, Stockholm, Toronto, Berlin, Paris, London and New York. All that traveling in such a short time can obviously take its toll on the body. After her first performance in Mexico City, she experienced a cough and has been trying to get herself back to top shape. In a video, she explained ''I woke up coughing on the plane and I took some cough syrup, some cold and sinus tablets, lozenges ... I'm drinking lots of water and [multivitamin supplement] Berocca. This entire trip, in order to make it to the end, you have to literally nurse yourself every step of the way the entire time. Because it's so much work - so much on your body and so much on your immune system it weakens you. And you're open to so many other viruses that are just there.''

Tour chaos

RiRi thought it would be a good idea to do her 777 Tour aboard a Boeing 777 with over 250 guests, but we have a feeling many are thinking it wasn't such a good idea. Apparently, nothing but chaos has been happening on the plane, including one journalist stripping down and running naked on the plane. While there's been reports of hunger and fatigue, what has upset guests the most is the singer's lack of presence. She apologized to the writers and explained "I know you guys got barely any dirt, but I had to be good. I still sound like sh--. It's impossible to spend time with everybody, and I'm sorry I didn't. But this was excellent and I would definitely do it again." Obviously, her illness had something to do with her lack of face time as she went on to explain "I would do this next time with more people, more cities and sit back the the fans more. . . I had to preserve my health. Normally, I'd be back here popping bottles with y'all . . . I had to preserve my voice. I was worried about my body more than partying on the plane, so I had to just sleep whenever I could. I hope you guys had as much fun as I did." From the sounds of it, we have a feeling many are going to give a resounding "no."

Perfume launch

Her first two perfumes - Reb'l Fleur and Rebelle - were successful, and now she's putting another one under her belt. Her newest perfume is called "Nude" and will hit Macy's on Black Friday. She made the announcement on November 16 via her Twitter page. The scent, which retails for $49 to $59, is said to be a "seductive, floral oriental blend." The packaging looks exactly like that of her two previous perfumes, just with a different color scheme.

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