Rihanna and Nicki Minaj Give a New Feel to 'Raining Men'

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Steve Buscemi of 'Boardwalk Empire' Continues to Impress

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Rihanna and Nicki Minaj have been in collaboration and that's good news for fans of the foxy ladies of hip hop. Nicki Minaj, the 25-year-old rapper raised in Jamaica, Queens, New York, is a fashionista who favors colorful wigs and creations inspired by Harajuku Japanese fashion. She's a perfect match for Rihanna, the 22-year-old hip hop artist born in Saint Michael, Barbados, who has been hitting the streets with fire red hair and her own imaginative style.

Rumor has it that Nicki Minaj has had some haters, like rappers Lil' Kim and Khia. But even though Minaj pulled out of Rihanna's "Last Girl on Earth" tour to work on her own album, there's no bad blood between the two stars. Nicki Minaj gets along just fine with Rihanna, and the feeling seems to be mutual for the woman known as Harajuku Barbie. Nicki Minaj and Rihanna hooked up for a new single called "Raining Men," but don't look for a copy cat of the original. This one has a whole new feel.

"You know, I worked with her before on [2009's] "Rated R" and she was just writing me some really good ballads, and I couldn't wait to work with her again and finally have her on my record," said Rihanna on Nicki Minaj. Perhaps there will be much more from the dynamic duo in the future? Imagine the possibilities from these two exciting divas!

Rihanna didn't always resemble an original style icon. Says Rihanna in Glamour Magazine, "In the first two years of my career, there were a lot of restraints on what I could do. I couldn't wear certain colors of lipstick, like bright pink, dark pink or red; [my lips] had to be natural. Eventually, I stopped communicating with certain people at the label, and did exactly what I wanted to do. And that was to cut my hair, dye it black, change my clothes, change my sound. Really to just express myself."

The wild looks of Nicki Minaj and the new Rihanna aren't for everyone, but that's the price you pay for originality. But in the end, if you go your own way and like Lady Gaga, you just might come out a winner.

Rihanna's "Hard" got mixed reviews. But now Rihanna is really ready to step it up with "Loud," due out in November. "I made sure not to let you down with my music! You guys are always defending me, so now you've got some great songs to justify it."

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