Rihanna and More Celebs Get Buzzed

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Rihanna and More Celebs Get Buzzed

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Rihanna isn't afraid of rocking some daring looks.

Rihanna changes her hair more than some people change their underwear! This time, the Barbados-born beauty switched her strands from long and blonde to black and shaved on one side.

Big change, eh?

The "Battleship" actress revealed the look through her Instagram account. "Cuz I'm black b***h," she wrote alongside the photos.

This isn't the first time Rihanna has gone for the shaved look - she did it in 2009. However, she might have got the urge after seeing the recent rash of celebrity head shavers. Who else is rocking the asymmetrical look?


Ke$ha might be a lot of things, but she's definitely not shy. The "Tik Tok" singer shaved half of her head earlier this year, then added gold studs to the shaved portion in March.

"I look like a homeless clown right now," she tweeted. She later added the shot of her new 'do.

Why the ever changing looks? It's all part of her master plan to become an icon.

"I know that I have balls. I have bigger balls than a lot of men I meet," she told Glamour in the March 2012 issue. "I'm just a ballsy motherf**ker. I'm not afraid of pushing boundaries. That's what you have to do to become an icon."

Lourdes Leon

Madonna might have always pushed the boundaries, but she wouldn't let her daughter do anything to drastic to her looks - until recently. The 15-year-old budding designer recently stepped out with a half-shaved hairstyle while walking to school in New York City.

As for Madonna's thoughts? The singer wouldn't let her daughter dye her hair until she turned 14 because she thinks you need to keep dying your hair after you start.


We might call R&B songstress Cassie one of the recent pioneers of the half-shaved hair look. The "Me & U" singer has been rocking the look since about 2009. Cassie's hairstyle is more intense than most - the look is often compared to dubstep DJ Skrillex's hairstyle.

We were just having this discussion yesterday. My friend told me I look like Skrillex and I should probably do a record with him. I was like, "I'm trying. He's a hard guy to get in touch with," she told the website Pigeons & Planes in March.

"I'm wondering how long he's had it for," she added. "How long has he had it for? Maybe before I did."

Well, we wouldn't wear the look, but more power to those with the cojones to do it.

Would you ever rock a shaved look?

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