Rihanna’s ‘Illuminati’ Tattoo and Other Celebs with Tiny Cross Tats

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Rihanna is sporting a new tattoo,  but the songtress isn't the only one with a religious tat.

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Rihanna is sporting a new tattoo, but the songtress isn't the only one with a religious tat.

Rihanna recently got a tiny, tilted cross tattoo inked on her collarbone, with her favorite tattoo artist Bang Bang saying that he put it there so that she could easily hide it with a necklace if she wanted to.

It seems like a simple display of the singer's faith, but the website Media Take Out speculates that it's an actually an Illuminati symbol - Masons supposedly used a slanted cross as a symbol of their secret society centuries ago.

It's hard to imagine RiRi being a part of the shadowy organization that many conspiracy theorists suspect is running the world - after all, why would she want to advertise her involvement in something that's supposed to be a secret? However, some people really seem to believe that many musicians are part of the Illuminati - there were even rumors that Beyonce and Jay-Z's daughter Blue Ivy was given her odd name as an ode to the organization. According one conspiracy theorist, I.V.Y. = Illuminati's Very Youngest and B.L.U.E. = Born Living Under Evil.

But back to RiRi's ink. It's not like tiny cross tattoos are unusual in Hollywood, and it's likely that it's just a coincidence that hers was tilted (it looks like it's just following the line of her collarbone). Other celebs that have gotten tiny cross tattoos include Miley Cyrus, who displayed her faith by having one inked on one of her fingers. But unfortunately her faith came under fire from some fans later on when she was attacked for also getting an equal sign inked on another finger to show her support for gay marriage.

Her fellow former teen star Demi Lovato has a slightly larger cross tattoo inked on her right hand - she placed it so that it can be seen while she's holding her microphone to show all her fans that she's a devout Christian. Her tats obviously mean a lot to her - she even turned the "Stay Strong" tattoos on her wrists into the title of an MTV special documenting her tough road to recovery after rehab.

Singer Ke$ha has a much messier cross tat on her wrist - she let one of her friends ink it there as a way to commemorate the day she finished recording an album. However, he's evidently not the best tattoo artist, because this is how she describes the tat: "He gave me a cross. Or one could call it a t. Or an x." She's such an avid tattoo fan that she even tried to show off her own skills by inking a dollar sign on one of her fans.

Nicole Richie probably has one of the prettiest cross tattoos - she has a delicate cross on a rosary around her left ankle. According to the artist who inked it, girls have poured into his shop requesting the same tat.

So which celebrity tattoo do you like best? Or do you think that celebs shouldn't wear their faith on their skin? Sound off in the comments!

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