Rihanna and Chris Brown’s VMAs Kiss: Other Big Smooches from the Show

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Rihanna and Chris Brown’s VMAs Kiss: Other Big Smooches from the Show

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Are Rihanna and Katy Perry fighting over Robert Pattinson?

Rihanna and Chris Brown's kiss at the VMAs didn't take place onstage, but it definitely has turned out to be one of the biggest moments of the night.

It was just a quick hug and kiss, and perhaps it shouldn't be that surprising that RiRi showed her ex a little love - she did recently gush to Oprah that Breezy is the love of her life.

While RiRi revisited the past with her little peck, her pal Katy Perry was looking for fresh meat. When she presented British boy band One Direction with their moon man for Best Pop Video, she also presented each of the guys with a kiss. She was so excited about getting to smooch the fab five that she broke their moon man, flinging part of it in Harry Styles' face.

But things didn't get really racy until after the VMAs. The only Irish member of the band, blonde babe Niall Horan, must have been feeling lucky, because he tweeted this to Katy: "looks like its official ... me and you."

According to EntertainmentWise, Katy was quick to take the almost-jailbait. Here's how she responded: "I'll be your Mrs. Robinson." Isn't Harry supposed to be the band's resident cougar magnet? And aren't Katy and John Mayer supposed to be back together?

Right about now poor Justin Bieber must be reminiscing about last year when he was the biggest male teen idol in the world - remember when he and Selena Gomez disproved breakup rumors by sharing a kiss on the black carpet at the VMAs? The Biebs was feeling so good that night that he brought a special guest with him - a live snake named "Johnson."

The RiRi and One Direction kisses this year were big, but they couldn't top Pink's lip-centric performance of "Get the Party Started" and "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)." The crowd waved around glowing plastic lips and her dancers were giant lips, but the best part came when she sat on a huge pair of lips suspended from the ceiling - it made it look like they were kissing her you-know-what.

Of course it will be hard for any kiss to ever top the 2003 smooch between Britney Spears, Madonna, and Christina Aguilera. Lady Gaga tried to match it last year when her male alter-ego Jo Calderone attempted a makeout sesh with Brit-Brit, but the "Toxic" singer wasn't ready to pass on her pop princess torch by touching lips with Mama Monster.

And the most cringe-worthy VMAs kiss award still belongs to Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley, who tried to prove that their love was the real deal with some awkward PDA at the 1994 VMAs.

So what do you think of the RiRi and Breezy kiss? And should Katy continue to pursue her new One Direction boy toy instead of Mayer?

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