Rihanna and Chris Brown to Start a Family? 3 Weird Reasons it Might Be a Good Idea

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Rihanna and Chris Brown to Start a Family? 3 Weird Reasons it Might Be a Good Idea

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Chris Brown, Rihanna

RadaOnline reported March 2 that notorious pop stars Chris Brown and Rihanna are apparently luxuriating in a self-proclaimed "fresh start." With a new outlook on life, stories are swirling that the two are planning for a child, based on comments made to Elle UK. While the world attends to its juicy conjecture, we can at least consider why this perhaps "not-so-shocking" news might not be bad news…

Sometimes kids help kids grow up.

Rihanna suggests that because she and Chris are now grown-ups, they can approach their relationship from a new perspective. She might be onto something, since we've seen this happen with MTV's Snooki, who traded clubbing for cuddling, and wine bottles for baby bottles with fiance, Jionni LaValle. The same could be true for RiRi and Breezy. Paparazzi were allegedly blamed for a recent car crash in which Brown was involved. But with a baby on board, we bet he'd switch up his wheels and would become a much safer driver.

Rihanna might take it easy.

In addition to being Hollywood's latest fashion muse, the "We Found Love" crooner is famous for her tremendous paryting skills. But her hard-partying ways may have caught up with her last May, when she was hospitalized after a night of cavorting. Although reps claimed a bout of flu was the culprit, others noted her excessive drinking and smoking. She was photographed with an IV in her arm, and tweeted in exasperation about being sick. It's likely that Rihanna would ease up on her potentially harmful habits if she's carrying a little one. Extra rest, a hearty diet and a break from her - um - vices, certainly wouldn't hurt.

They both might have really learned from their lessons.

As much as the world is set on believing that Chris Brown has failed to mend his impulsive ways, there is a chance that he could embrace change in the future. However, a recent brawl with Frank Ocean in a music studio parking lot and an on-going feud with Drake probably hasn't helped change America's opinion about Brown. Rihanna, for the most part, has maintained steady reins on her career while occasionally lacing tabloid headlines. But some wonder whether moving forward with Brown is a smart move.

They've already sparked engagement rumors, and since other bad boys of urban music like Wiz Khalifa are settling down with their "boos,, it's not that far-fetched to believe that Chris and Rihanna's five-year plan could mimic theirs. While providing the world plenty of fare for fodder, this eccentric pair seems determined to maintain their connection.

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