Rihanna Chops Off All of Her Locks - Other Stars Chopping Off Their Locks

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Rihanna Chops Off All of Her Locks - Other Stars Chopping Off Their Locks

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Rihanna is rocking a super short new hairdo.

Where did Rihanna's luscious locks go? The "S&M" singer was spotted with a super short hair cut today as she prepped for the MTV Video Music Awards tonight. We're curious why the star cut her hair so short and why now?

This isn't the first time the Barbados born babe donned a cropped coif. Remember when she used to rock a mohawk? Despite the fact that she's worn a similar look in the past, we wonder if cutting her locks will result in the same controversy that surrounded other female celebs that decided to go with a different look recently.

Let's see who else in Hollywood is getting rid of their manes.

Miley Cyrus

When Miley Cyrus tweeted pics of her punk rock pixie hair cut it started a slew of controversy all over the web of people giving their opinions of whether they loved or hated her new 'do. More shocking was the number of celebs who chimed in about her new strands, including Charlie Sheen, who said he loved her new look.

"Idk, w/that new haircut Miles . . . You're the [bomb icon.] Come watch the show at my place! XO," he tweeted.

Other celebs made jokes about including Evan Rachel Wood who said Miley was "leaning towards gay." She then apologized for the joke.

We think Miley's haircut definitely shows off a more contemporary style for the former child star. Who knew getting a hair cut was such a big deal in Hollywood?

Anne Hathaway

Anne has always been known for a few things; those big chestnut eyes, her incredible on-screen talent, and her long dark, brown mane of hair. This year the actress chopped it all off for her role in a new movie, erupting sadness in her fans.

"I wasn't expecting it to be a big deal. It was my idea to do it, since it was something the character did... [But then] I realized I couldn't take it back," she said. "[I was] a mental patient level of crying... I was inconsolable.'

Even though Anne is wishing her locks would grow back we've become pretty used to seeing her in her new style and think she looks great.

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