Rihanna Calls Day at the Beach a ‘Fail’ -- Does She Have a Right to Complain About Fawning Fans?

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Rihanna Calls Day at the Beach a ‘Fail’ -- Does She Have a Right to Complain About Fawning Fans?

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Though her luxurious lifestyle is made possible by fans who buy her music, Rihanna drew a line in the sand about public adoration while sunbathing at a beach in Poland.

On a video posted to Instagram Sunday, the "Red Lipstick" singer complained, ""This is what a beach day in Poland looks like. Getting as much sun as possible. Caged in like a f****** animal!"

Though most caged animals are not enclosed by choice, Rihanna and her bestie Melissa Forde had surrounded their lounge chairs with a blockade of umbrellas to prevent pesky fans from bothering them. The beauties were dolled up in skimpy bikinis that may have drawn undue attention even if Rihanna were not one of the world's most recognized musicians.

The singing sensation was in Poland as part of her Diamond World Tour to promote her most recent album, "Unapologetic." The concerts have been so popular, promoters added extra shows to satisfy disappointed fans who could not get tickets.

The 25-year-old Barbadian ranks 13 on this year's Forbes Celebrity 100 list, which rates celebrity star power with a formula that includes monetary earnings, marketability, media mentions and Internet presence. More than 30 million people follow her on Twitter and over 8 million subscribe to her badgalriri Instagram account.

So will Rihanna's beachy annoyance of the people who make her rich and famous ultimately make her less popular, or do fans adore a celeb with divatude?

Public reaction thus far has been mixed. Web surfers weighed in on RiRi's latest episode of fan bashing, with comments ranging from the Incredulous, "So you expose every single part of your life and body on twitter, instagram etc... what seems like every 5 bloody mins, then wonder why fans have no boundaries?" to the more sympathetic, "Just because someone is famous doesn't mean it's right for people to follow them around and bug them for autographs and photos every minute of the day."

Many celebrities have given up on public sunbathing or see it as a photo op to show off their bod in a bikini. Fortunately, they can afford to vacay at an post resort or buy their own island when they want peace and quiet.

What do you think? Was RiRi right to complain about fans invading her privacy or should she learn to accept public attention as the price she pays for her privileged lifestyle?

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