Rihanna’s ‘Battleship’ with Aliens and Other Movie Ideas Combining Pop Stars, Board Games, and Sci-Fi Elements

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Rihanna is starring in the new board game inspired movie, "Battleship."

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Rihanna is starring in the new board game inspired movie, "Battleship."

A new trailer for the movie "Battleship" recently debuted online, and it reminds us of what a bizarre movie idea it is - it's based on the classic board game, but aliens have been added to the mix as an exciting sci-fi element. Add pop star Rihanna in as eye candy, and you've got a sure-to-be-blockbuster, right?

This odd combination got us to thinking - what other pop stars, board games, and sci-fi elements could be mixed together to create a movie? Here are a few ideas that are so crazy that they just might work:

"Mouse Trap" Starring Katy Perry and Mutant Rats

Katy has already done the Candy Land thing, so perhaps she should trade the candy for some cheese and crazy contraptions in a "Mouse Trap" movie. She could play an engineer who has to build special traps to capture mutant rats in a spoof of the terrible monster movies of the '50s. it might seem like a stretch for the perky pop star to play an engineer, but keep in mind that RiRi plays a marine in "Battleship."

"Operation" Starring Justin Bieber and his Clone

In this futuristic film, a pop star played by the Biebs rules the world. He ends up needing a heart transplant and has a clone to harvest the organ from, but there's just one problem - the daughter of the doctor who is supposed to perform the transplant falls in love with the clone and runs away with him. So it's up to the doctor to protect his daughter's new love by performing a very difficult and intricate operation to save the pop star's life. However, if he fails, he risks losing his own. Of course Selena Gomez would play the doctor's daughter.

"Connect Four" Starring Taylor Swift and Featuring Weird Science

This might seem like one of the hardest board games to make a movie about, but it's not impossible. In the romantic comedy, Taylor could star as a cute but klutzy scientist who accidentally splits the male coworker she can't stand into four different versions of himself - one is extremely angry; one is way too happy; one is depressed; and one is just downright crazy and reckless. She then has to find away to connect these four men representing her coworker's various emotions back together. Along the way she connects with each of the four different sides of the guy (who would probably be played by Ashton Kutcher).

"Guess Who?" Starring Miley Cyrus and a Super-Smart Computer

In this gritty "War Games"-like film, Miley enjoys playing a computer game that involves the computer randomly selecting a picture of a famous figure like a celebrity or politician. She then gets to ask fifty questions like "Is it a woman?" and "Does she wear glasses?" in order to try to discover who the computer has chosen. However, when the computer is given a mobile machine body, it decides to kidnap a real person, and Miley only has fifty questions to figure out who it is or the computer will kill him/her.

So would you like to see more pop stars in sci-fi movies based on board games like "Battleship," or is Hollywood just getting way too ridiculous?

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