Is RHOBH Kyle Richards Insecure Wife or Smart Mother Hen?

"Wanna Get a Manolo in Your Eyeball?"

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When she spied a clingy blonde slow-dancing with husband Mauricio Umansky at her swanky White Party, "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills'" star Kyle Richards exposed her mama grizzly side, ejecting the wannnabe husband stealer from her home after first threatening to stab her in the eyeballs with a Manolo. The recently broadcast "Wanna Get a Manolo in Your Eyeball?" scene can be viewed on the Bravo website from the show's "lost footage" episode, a sequel to the finale which showed scenes that fell on the cutting room floor but were too juicy for producers not to reveal.

As Kyle explains later, "There's this woman hanging on my husband. What I didn't know was that she was whispering in his ear, 'Does your wife take care of you?'"

The camera then jumps back to the party, showing Richards screaming at the woman, "What are you doing? Get off my husband you idiot! Get off my husband you idiot! Get off my husband you idiot!" followed by a self-satisfied Kyle telling the camera, "She said something like 'I wanna have fun,' and I said, 'Not with my husband. This woman was clearly intoxicated and didn't know what she was doing. But I don't need those kind of people in my home. So I needed to remover her . . . immediately!"

Kyle then puts out a warning to all women, "Putting your hands on my husband . . . I will take you down."

Whether Kyle Richards was acting insecure or savvy depends on your view of fidelity in marriage. Clearly Mauricio could have peeled the clinging woman off of him more easily than gum off a sidewalk, yet he chose to engage in the flirtatious dance wearing a happy, albeit slightly awkward, smile on his face.

Yet later, when Kyle asks Mauricio, "Who is she?" he responds, "I don't know, but that was good," seeming to approve of Kyle's aggressive display of possessiveness. Or does he? Maybe it was the dramatic cat fight and idea of two women fighting over him that Mauricio thought was "good."

Ultimately, one has to wonder why Mauricio was not more protective of his marriage himself. When Kyle tells the camera, "This is my family and I don't need predators in my home," she blames only the woman as if hunky Mauricio is a defenseless lamb. Yet the successful realtor Mauricio has proven he is articulate and clever. He could have excused himself to refill the punch bowl or found some less dramatic way to spare his wife the embarrassment of defending her marriage in front of her closest friends and relatives.

The real winner on this episode was not the insecure Kyle or unchivalrous Mauricio, but Manolo Blahnik. The famous shoe designer has not received such great free publicity for his shoes since "Sex and the City" went off the air, although he would likely not approve of using his shoes as an eyeball-stabbing device.

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