Regrettable Celebrity Tattoos: Who Needed to Think Before Getting Inked?

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While the New York Post reported the rumor that Jennifer Lopez's new paramour Casper Smart tattooed her name below his belt, her former flame Marc Anthony was busy having her name erased from his wrist. While Marc may have been smart to keep his J. Lo tattoo to a less sensitive part of his anatomy, he also had to deal with the tattoo being highly visible -- a problem that Casper isn't likely to have. However, should things go south for the couple, he'll be stuck with a tat that's hard to explain to his next girlfriend. He'd be in good company; plenty of stars have tattoos they probably wish they'd considered more carefully.

Megan Fox famously had a tattoo of another famous beauty on her arm. Megan's Marilyn Monroe tattoo took up a good portion of the brunette beauty's forearm, but she felt that the ink no longer suited her image. She's kept her other tattoos, but they sometimes disappear for photo shoots, an indication that however meaningful Megan's ink may be to her, it doesn't always fit what directors and photographers want.

At least Megan Fox's tattoo was of someone she still admires; Kat Von D isn't nearly as lucky. The "L.A. Ink" star is no stranger to tattoos and proudly wears her body art, but she made the mistake of inking then-boyfriend Jesse James's face on her side. Within days of getting her new tattoo, she found that Jesse had cheated on her just as he did to his ex-wife Sandra Bullock. Kat doesn't believe in revising the past on her skin, though, and still bears the tattoo of a young Jesse James on her ribs. The good news is that the tat's position means she doesn't have to look at it.

Angelina Jolie doesn't share Kat's attitude about revisionist history. The star's tempestuous relationship with Billy Bob Thornton led to her erasing his name from her left arm. She's since replaced that tattoo with a simple list of coordinates -- the birthplaces of each of her children. Other relationships may end, but that one will last for a lifetime, so good for Angie for choosing a tattoo she knows she'll want to wear forever.

Johnny Depp doesn't show as much skin as most female celebrities, but he still bore one relic of a past relationship: a "Winona Forever" stamped on his upper arm for Winona Ryder. Winona may not have been forever, but the tattoo lives on in slightly altered form; it now reads "Wino Forever." Johnny kept the reminder of his past but changed it to fit what he wanted to say. It's a good thing he wasn't trying to remove current love Vanessa Paradis' name from his arm; "Van Forever" wouldn't have had the same cachet.

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