Reggie Bush’s Pregnant Girlfriend and Other Lookalikes Who Have Annoyed Kim Kardashian

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Kim Kardashian is allegedly upset that Reggie Bush's girlfriend is pregnant

Reggie Bush's girlfriend Lilit Avagyan is pregnant, and of course Kim Kardashian is allegedly upset about her ex's baby news.

A source told Radar Online that Kim "feels it is a slap in the face that Reggie would consider having a baby with this woman when he wouldn't with her." Kim allegedly tried to pressure Reggie into marrying her so that they could start a family together, but he felt like she was too focused on fame.

The woman living Kim's fairytale is a beautiful brunette who bears a striking resemblance to Kim, but there's one big difference between Lilit Avagyan and Kim Kardashian - Lilit is a professional dancer, and Kim couldn't last more than three weeks on "Dancing with the Stars." Lilit is also a few years younger than Kim, so there's one more reason for the Kardashian to cry about Reggie Bush's lookalike love.

Kim seems to have a big problem with lookalikes annoying her in various ways. Here's a look at the crimes of a few other Kim clones:

Melissa Molinaro

Reggie definitely has a type - he also dated this Kimmy lookalike last year. Melissa Molinaro also managed to get under Kim's skin by starring in an Old Navy ad that probably made a few Kardashian "dolls" do a double take, and Kim wasn't about to let the world think that she was endorsing bargain denim - she sued Old Navy for hiring an actress that resembles her.

Another Sex Tape Star

You would think that Kim wouldn't complain about Kanye West's sex tape since it would be just a tad hypocritical, but a source told OK! Magazine that Kim and Yeezy have been "fighting viciously" about it. Apparently Kimmy is upset that the woman in the tape is married and only 18 years old, but she should feel a bit flattered that Kanye's costar is another Kim lookalike.

Amia Miley

Back in June Kanye's rep vehemently denied rumors that the rapper was responsible for tweeting a photo of a naked woman who looked a lot like Kim. The gal in the pic turned out to be porn star Amia Miley, who happily fessed up to being the bootylicious babe in the photo. In April Kim's rep also denied that Kim was the subject of a viral photo featuring a naked brunette chef. Since Kim has posed in Playboy and starred in a sex tape, you would think that there wouldn't be so much fuss over a few nude snaps.

So what do you think poor Kim did to deserve having to deal with so many evil doppelgangers?

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