Reese Witherspoon’s Arrest and Other Celebs’ ‘Don’t You Know Who I Am?’ Moments

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Reese Witherspoon’s Arrest and Other Celebs’ ‘Don’t You Know Who I Am?’ Moments

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Reese Witherspoon tried to play the 'Don't You Know Who I Am?' card

Reese Witherspoon tried to pull the old "Don't you know who I am?" card after a police officer pulled over her hubby Jim Toth.

Reese wouldn't obey the officer's orders to stay in her car, so he had to handcuff her. The agitated actress indignantly responded to this grave injustice by saying, "Do you know my name?" When the officer dared to deny recognizing her famous face, she went on to say, "You're about to find out who I am." She was arrested for disorderly conduct and later apologized for her actions by explaining that she had "one drink too many." She also said that she's "deeply embarrassed" about her bad behavior.

The "Legally Blonde" star thought she could game the legal system by using her celebrity status, but she should know by now that only movie villains abuse their power in such a manner -- in fact, they usually end up getting punished worse because of their sense of entitlement. Maybe Reese should have argued that she simply broke the law because right now she's "Illegally Brunette."

Unfortunately, Reese Witherspoon isn't the first celebrity to use the "Don't you know who I am?" card, and she probably won't be the last. Here's a look at a few other stars who mistakenly thought they could use their famous names to get out of trouble:

Chris Brown

According to Metro, Breezy reportedly threw a temper tantrum when he was denied entrance to the Las Vegas hotspot Eve in 2010, which was probably because he wasn't 21 yet. An eyewitness dished that Breezy "went ballistic" and kept asking the bouncers, ''Do you even know who I am?'' But with the bad rep he had back then, the bouncers probably were less than impressed by his famous name. Hopefully his days of acting like an entitled brat are over -- at least Breezy is now capable of admitting that he was "arrogant and definitely hotheaded" during those dark days.


Last year The Sun claimed that RiRi was kicked out of The Rose Club in London after she jumped on top of a glass table and broke it. She allegedly screamed, "Don't you know who I am?" as the bouncers escorted her out of the club. However, RiRi took to Twitter to deny that this incident took place -- she might celebrate 4/20 by making it rain for strippers and smoking a joint, but she's not crazy enough to stand on top of a glass table.


This "Jersey Shore" star's situation was very similar to what Reese went through. According to the New York Daily News, she was jailed for disorderly conduct in 2010 after drinking too much tequila and taunting Seaside Heights cops with this ridiculous rant: "You can't tell me what to do - I'm Snooki. Do you know who I am? I'm f------ Snooki. You can't do this to me. I'm f------ Snooki. You guys are going to be sorry for this. Release me!" Now that the reality show star is a mom, hopefully she makes sure that her mug shot days are over. And hopefully Reese realizes that she needs to get her act together since she just landed on a list that includes Snooki and Chris Brown.

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