The Redemption of Charlie Sheen

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The Redemption of Charlie Sheen

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The Redemption of Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen will be returning to television in April with FX's Anger Management and today network president John Landgraf took to the TCA stage to explain how the show came to be -- and why Charlie deserves another chance.

"[Some people] feel that Charlie Sheen shouldn't have a place in popular culture anymore," Landgraf said when one reporter questioned his choice to put the controversial star back on television. "They feel that he should be banished to Siberia, [but] I believe in redemption. If Charlie wants to get his house in order, and that encompasses his issues with substance abuse and also his desire to have greater consciousness about his public persona ... I'm all for giving him the opportunity to turn things around.

That second chance will begin in April when Charlie fronts the small screen adaptation of Jack Nicholson and Adam Sandler's 2003 film of the same title. While no episodes have been filmed yet and the show was sent to series off a verbal pitch, Landgraf describes the series like this: "[Charlie plays] a character with a checkered past but he's pretty self aware. He's struggling in a pretty honest way with that past and a desire to do better things in his life." He also added that much of the series will focus on his desire to have a more positive relationship with his ex-wife and his daughter, leading many to question how responsible it was for this network, which has made a name for itself by portraying complicated and dynamic women, to put this on air.

"My opinion is that could be a good thing – not only for Charlie, but for society," Landgraf added.

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