Red Flags Katie Holmes Should Have Seen

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So Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are breaking up - finally. For some reason, this breakup feels like it's been a long time coming. Maybe seven years, in fact. Katie was young and impressionable at the time she met Tom, but still, there were so many red flags waving that we wonder how she could have missed them all. Here's just a sampling.

Don't trust a guy who jumps on a couch for you

Tom Cruise professed his love for Holmes back in 2007. He didn't do this in a meaningful, private way, but rather by jumping on a couch during an appearance on "Oprah." The actor, in his mid-40s and divorced twice at the time, pumped his fists in the air and generally made a fool of himself, rendering even Oprah near speechless (she shook her head, saying, "You're gone! You're gone!"). This doesn't strike us as an example of heartfelt devotion. It felt more like a publicity stunt.

Don't trust a guy who wants to change your name

Not your last name, but your first name. Early in their relationship, Cruise revealed that he'd changed his beloved's name from Katie to Kate. He gave no reason why, but it looks like just one more way he intended to control Holmes from the start. Take a hint, ladies: if your boyfriend isn't even satisfied with your name, he probably won't be happy with much else about you, either.

Don't marry your teenage crush

Katie has admitted to having a crush on Tom Cruise throughout her teenage years. "Top Gun" posters no doubt decorated her pink bedroom walls, and two years before meeting Cruise, she told Seventeen magazine, "I think every little girl dreams about [her wedding]. I used to think I was going to marry Tom Cruise."

When I was a teen, all the girls were crushing on Shaun Cassidy. But we didn't marry him. It's not necessarily a good idea to marry a crush 16 years your senior - even if he professes to like you, too.

Don't change religions to match your spouse's

Of course, there are many examples of successful marriages where the partners began in different religions. But for Katie Holmes to renounce her Catholic faith to join the "religion" (many would say cult) of Scientology is a huge leap. Scientologist "keepers" reportedly watched Katie throughout the early stages of her relationship with Tom. Scientology dictated that she not make noises during the birth of the couple's daughter, Suri. There are many more aspects of Scientology that played a part in the marriage. No doubt, most were light years away from saying the Rosary or going to confession.

Run, Katie, run! Next time, watch out for the red flags before you say "I do."

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