A Recent Spike in May-December Romances

A Recent Spike in May-December Romances

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Mary-Kate Olsen.

While it may not be a new concept, there seems to be a trend of really young women dating much older men in Hollywood. And while historically couples like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes or Jack Nicholson and Lara Flynn Boyle couldn't survive the age difference, others have fared okay. Still the recent outbreak of May-December romances seems especially off-putting.

Several Young Starlets Have Been Linked to Older Men

Perhaps the most shocking celebrity couple of the last few years has been 17-year-old Courtney Stodden, who married 52-year-old "Lost" actor Doug Hutchinson. Clearly the honeymoon is over. It was recently reported that the seemingly unmatched duo will, not surprisingly, appear on the second season of the VH1 show "Couples Therapy." Dr. Jenn Berman wasn't able to help Kasey Kahl and Vienna Girardi or Linda Hogan and Charlie Hill get their relationships back on track, odds are she won't have better luck with Stodden and Hutchinson.

Then there's 25-year-old Mary-Kate Olsen, who is dating Olivier Sarkozy - the half brother of the former President of France Nicolas Sarkozy. Her new beau is 42 - that's 17 years older than the famous Olsen twin. Of course the sisters aren't strangers to dating older men, Ashley was once tied to legendary cyclist Lance Armstrong, who was 15 years her senior.

And then, of course, everyone knows about the recent drama between "Twilight" stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. The 22-year-old actress seems to have thrown away her relationship after a fling with her 41-year-old director "Snow White and the Huntsman" helmer Rupert Sanders. While neither is pursuing a long-term relationship with the other, there's no denying that Stewart fell fleetingly for the wiles of an older man.

Some May-December Romances Seem to Work

That's not to say that May-December romances with wide age disparities can't work out. No one expected that Woody Allen would stick with Soon-Yi Previn forever. After all he was 35 years older than her and she was his girlfriend's daughter. But the couple has been married since 1997.

Kelsey Grammer seems happy with his fourth wife Kayte Walsh, even though she was only 29 when they met and he was 55. They have had one child and Grammer has already said he'd like to have another.

And when 53-year-old Alec Baldwin met Hilaria Thomas, 26, his life seemed to change. He's now in tiptop shape, thanks to his yoga instructor bride. And he'll be starting a new chapter in his career after "30 Rock" ends this season.

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