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Amber Riley stole the show on "Glee" with her tribute to Whitney Houston.

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Amber Riley stole the show on "Glee" with her tribute to Whitney Houston.

Last night, 'Glee' paid tribute to the late Whitney Houston in its own way, with Amber Riley's fabulous pipes.

Although much of the episode (season 3, episode 13, titled "Heart") centered around Finchel's pre-matrimonial drama, Sam (Chord Overstreet) and Mercedes (Riley) were the heart of this tribute to Whitney.

I Will Always Love 'Samcedes'

Mercedes is one God Squad member who practices what she preaches, but unfortunately this doesn't give her a whole lot of success in the love department. "Two-Timing Ho" Mercedes decided to make things right by breaking up with Shane (LaMarcus Tinker) and telling him about Sam.

However, Mercedes was overwhelmed with guilt for kissing Sam while she was still with Shane. She decided that she couldn't be with anyone right now because it would remind her of what happened.

"Samcedes" fans will have to wait, but this relationship at least had a proper send-off with Riley's performance of "I Will Always Love You." All season, we've been seeing the softer side of her voice, but it was nice to see her bring it home with this torch song.

This performance was also fitting because today is Amber's birthday.

All About Karofsky

Also striking out in the love department was Karofsky (Max Adler). Kurt (Chris Colfer) had been getting "secret admirer" letters which he assumed were from Blaine (Darren Criss). Yet it turned out to be Karofsky. He admired Kurt for being out and proud, and he appreciated how Kurt had helped him in his struggle for self-acceptance.

Understandably, Kurt had to let him down, explaining that he was with Blaine. To make matters worse, one of Karofsky's school mates spotted him and Kurt together.

Fun fact: the guy who spotted them together was Aaron Hill. He played "Beaver" on ABC Family's "Greek." In season 4, episode 4 ("All About Beav"), his character actually mentioned "Glee" by name.

I hated to see Karofsky heart-broken, but it was nice to see Max on TV again. He turned in a wonderful performance. Don't worry, Dave, there are other guys out there! (I'm rooting for Karofsky and Sebastian.)

Going to the Chapel?

Meanwhile, Rachel's dads (Jeff Goldblum and Brian Stokes Mitchell) know they keys to a successful relationship. "Never go to bed...without moisturizer." These guys with their Jennifer Hudson vocal rolls, and their Tony Danza dreams are sweet and hilariously funny.

After learning about Rachel (Lea Michele) and Finn's (Cory Monteith) engagement, her dads made a grand entrance on a rolling piano and sang "Chapel of Love." Later we learned that they did not support the engagement, but that they were playing along as reverse psychology.

After a brief spat, the teenage lovebirds seemed headed for a breakup, but they quickly reconciled and decided to move the wedding up to May. Somebody's got to stop this wedding before Finn has to spend his life waiting on her hand and foot and putting up with her diva meltdowns.

Joseph and the Amazing God Squad

The God Squad has a new member, Joseph (played by "The Glee Project's" Samuel Larsen). He's been homeschooled his whole life, and he looks like a teen Jesus with his dreadlocks and Bible-verse tattoos. This guitar-playing rocker is a bit like a Christian version of Puck (Mark Salling). Could this new boy be a potential love interest for Quinn (Dianna Agron)?

Speaking of Quinn, when did she become the voice of reason on this show? When Santana (Naya Rivera) asked the God Squad to perform a love song for her girlfriend Brittany (Heather Morris), Joseph was left with a dilemma concerning the church's stance on same-sex relationships.

Quinn pointed to several Old Testament laws that Christians no longer practice, suggesting that it was inconsistent to pick and choose which laws to follow. Sam pointed out that 1 in 10 people are gay, and that the disciple Simon was probably same-sex oriented too (because Simon is apparently a gay-sounding name).

Yet Mercedes pointed out that Joseph had to be comfortable with singing to Brittany. After much thought and prayer, he decided that love is love and that God didn't discriminate. (Wonder if devout Cameron Mitchell regrets quitting "The Glee Project".)

Brittany and Santana finally shared an on-screen kiss (though it was a bit shorter than Kurt and Blaine's first kiss).

Sweet on Sugar

Artie (Kevin McHale) and Rory (Damian McGinty) competed for Sugar's (Vanessa Lengies) affection. It looks like Rory's four-leaf clover helped him out (for now). He told the glee club that his student visa was not renews and that he was in danger of being deported to Ireland. (We're pretty sure he made up that story in order to gain her sympathy.)

Next week will be the winter finale of "Glee." Will Rachel and Finn go through with their wedding? Will someone please make Sue's (Jane Lynch) baby storyline go away?

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