'Real Housewife' Kim Zolciak is Pregnant Again -- Proof that You Can Trust Psychics?

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In 2008, Kim Zolciak went to a psychic named Rose. Her spiritual advisor told her all kinds of interesting things. While we listened to this sweet little woman talk, we didn't really give too much credence to the things she said. It was all reality TV fluff meant to kill a few minutes of "unproductive" airtime. After all, we had no idea that the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" would make it to four seasons, let alone be rated the top "Housewives" franchise of them all. But as the seasons and time progressed, we realize now that Psychic Rose might be more legit than we imagined. Does this mean that we have been making fun of psychics unnecessarily? Or was Kim's "serendipity" nothing more than a fluke? Check out Rose's predictions and you just might seek a psychic of your own.

Prediction #1: "You're doing some more learning. So what are you learning now?"

As we eventually see, Kim sets off the whole "Tardy for the Party" craze. Most people would say that the rambunctious blonde tipped Rose off about her musical endeavors. But for some reason, it's just easier to believe that the psychic was on point.

Prediction #2: Money here, money there, and money here...

Rose didn't exactly predict that Kim would be living in her fantasy dream house with a full staff of assistants, housekeepers and nannies. But apparently, making cheesy pop singles and marrying an NFL football player have some impressive perks.

Prediction #3: The babies…

The aspiring country singer perhaps surprised us all when she announced her third pregnancy. The one person who was not shocked however, was Rose. She predicted the baby's arrival and even revealed his sex. When little KJ arrived on the scene, our belief in Rose's intuition was confirmed. She even forecast the existence of a new baby. Now Kim announces that she's pregnant with her fourth child. This was perhaps the "Aha!" moment of all moments. Those of us who were still a little iffy on Rose's talents began to question whether Kim was onto something after all.

Honorable Mention: She picked up that she had an issue with her father.

During the first visit to Kim's advisor, NeNe too had her palm read. And again, Rose revealed her uncanny ability to strum the personal chords of one's life. To the outspoken reality star, she disclosed her "disconnection" from her father. Though she didn't elaborate, no explanation was needed. Audiences later learned just how estranged the two really were. We can't say that the reading wasn't a "coincidence." But we have the feeling that even NeNe became a believer.

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