Real Disney-Inspired Celebrity Baby Names for Jennifer Garner’s Daughters

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Jennifer Garner's daughters were hoping for  "Minnie Mouse" for a name for their new sibling.

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Jennifer Garner's daughters were hoping for "Minnie Mouse" for a name for their new sibling.

Jennifer Garner's adorable daughters want to name her new baby after a Disney character!

The actress told Jay Leno that 6-year-old Violet and 3-year-old Seraphina have come up with some very interesting names inspired by the House of Mouse. Among their offerings? Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse, Peter Pan, Smee, and Captain Hook.

These ideas might be a little too over-the-top for Jen, but maybe she can use the Disney-inspired baby name that Beyonce didn't go with it - before Blue Ivy was born, Tweeple started a rumor that the musician had given birth to a baby girl named Tiana May Carter. Tiana was the rather pretty name of the princess in "The Princess and the Frog."

And there are plenty of celebrity babies that already share names with Disney characters. Tina Fey has 5-year-old Alice ("Alice in Wonderland"), who welcomed her new little sister Penelope to the world this year. Alyssa Milano also gave birth last year, naming her son Milo Thomas - Milo was the name of the hero in one of Disney's less-popular movies, "Atlantis: The Lost Empire."

Unfortunately for Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, their daughter Tallulah Belle doesn't always act like Hollywood royalty - the 17-year-old was cited with underage possession of alcohol last year. So her parents can only dream of their daughter spending all of her time with her nose in a book like Belle from "Beauty and Beast." Martin Lawrence's teen daughter Jasmine also shares her name with a Disney princess.

Orlando Bloom actually named his son with Miranda Kerr after his late grandmother, but little Flynn shares his moniker with the swashbuckling hero in the movie "Tangled." And it's surprising how many celebrities' baby boys have the same names as Disney characters - Connie Nielsen's son Sebastian shares his with Ariel's protective crustacean pal in "The Little Mermaid."

However, two of the most unique Disney-inspired celebrity baby names have to be those of Halle Berry's daughter and Ashlee Simpson's son. It's fitting that Halle recently took her daughter Nahla to Disneyland since her name is so similar to that of Nala from "The Lion King," and Ashlee and Pete Wentz' son Bronx Mowgli shares his middle name with the hero of "The Jungle Book" (talk about being a real wild child!).

So what's your favorite Disney-inspired celebrity baby name, and do you think Jennifer and Ben Affleck should consider one for their new daughter or son? Sound off in the comments!

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