What’s the Real Beef Between Tony Lucca and Christina Aguilera?

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The air suddenly becomes thick right before Christina Aguilera comments on a performance by contestant Tony Lucca. Rightly so--all eyes have been on him throughout the season on NBC's "The Voice." We thought that as a fellow Mickey Mouse Club member, Tony Lucca would have found a buddy in Xtina-or at the very least a friendly blast from the past. Wrong.

At the start of the season, she was awkward with Tony, but friendly. Then she got downright nasty-referring to him as one-dimensional and even calling him out on using his Disney connections for the show. Now she takes any opportunity to be snide. Their on-screen rivalry has been the proverbial elephant in the room for several episodes. So, what's the real deal behind all the tension?

Should we really be surprised?

Often finding ways to link the contestants' experiences with her own, Christina is perhaps the best at milking a TV moment. If you don't believe it, just watch the Semi-Final performance show, where the pop diva showcases her skimpy gothic cocktail pin-up princess ensemble-under the guise of hugging her teammates. And that's not all.

Christina really loves to sing, like---really loves it. She feels compelled to insert vocal runs into her commentary at any given chance. (We get it: You. Can. Sing.) All "The Voice" coaches have the opportunity to strut their stuff on stage. But Xtina seems to take her mentoring position to a monstrous level-especially with Lucca.

The many "ouch" moments between Tony and Xtina…

There have been a few uncomfortable moments between the two. After his sexy, Robert Palmer-inspired rendition of "How You Like Me Now", she immediately alerted the world to the fact that she cleared the song for Tony to sing. (Ouch.) Though this is one of many "power plays" she makes on the reality show it would seem that where the husband and father is concerned, she can't stop herself from dropping a jab, or a name.

But Tony's got jabs of his own…

During the quarterfinals, Adam suggests that Tony look his artistic obstacles in the face. He did just that---by performing an edgy version of Britney Spears' "Baby One More Time." Needless to say, the room was abuzz. It would appear that Tony had gotten even with his former co-star. Later, he even called the move "therapeutic." But Christina had to have the last word. In traditional thinly veiled fashion, she suggested they the call in Britney and Justin (Timberlake) on stage for a full MMC reunion.

So what is the "beef" all about?

The "Burlesque" star (along with Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears) is enjoying her success. So why should she care if Lucca makes his comeuppance off a few remaining Mickey Mouse contacts? This is where the theories begin. Speaking of those Disney days… Perhaps Xtina is giving Tony a hard time because of some unresolved romantic tween tension. She alluded to Brit having a kiddie crush on Lucca. Could this be where the real rivalry begins? If this were the case, it would completely explain his revamped version of "Baby One More Time."

Other conspiracy theorists might conclude that both mentor and contestant are in cahoots. By promoting a fake "beef", audiences pay more attention to Lucca, thus sending him to the finals. An elaborate and silly scheme, perhaps. But you just never know…

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